What about us ? *2*

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Chuuya lost count of how many times his Kouhai asked him to go back to the bakery they went to the previous day. The worst is that except of talking about the silver haired boy and how cute he was, Akutagawa would just space out, probably thinking about him. It has always been hard to deal with the black haired boy, but "This is the worst !" Chuuya thought.

The ginger never really had a crush, but if it was for becoming like the other then he would prefer to refrain himself from ever falling in love.

After the other had insisted all day, Chuuya ended up accompanying him to the bakery. Before entering, he made sure to warn him :"If you don't talk with him today, i'm never coming with you again !"

"I won't talk to him ..." Akutagawa answered with his usual tone that suddenly became saddened :"Just seeing him being happy from far away is enough for me ... isn't it obvious that he would never notice someone like me ..."

"I don't think you would ever see him happy with the way you always glare at him ..." the other commented but noticing Ryuu's change of expression to even a saddier one, he quickly added with his soft tone :"If he doesn't notice you then that just means he doesn't deserve you, because he would never find someone as caring as you ."

"Chuuya-san ..." the other couldn't hide his surprise, it isn't always that he gets to hear such soft words from his Senpai.

Chuuya hid his face with his hat from being embarassed of what he just said and pushed the other inside the shop :"Just enter !!"

When they entered, Atsushi faced them and locked eyes with Akutagawa, both of them averted the other's gaze while blushing. "It's with him you should talk ..." Chuuya whispered to his kouhai after greeting the silver haired boy and going to sit in the same table as the previous day.

"I wanna have a 'Milles feuilles' so go make our order ..." Chuuya muttered while looking around the shop and thinking "The Chef probably is in the kitchen ..."

"I can't ..." the other answered, before Chuuya retorts, he added seriously :"Don't even bother to insist ..."

"You're such a pain ..." The redhead muttered tiredly :"What do you want ?"

"That one in the corner ..."

"Viennoiserie ?" He looked back then at the other :"I bet you didn't even look at it, you seriously are a lovesick !" He got up and made his order but here again, Atsushi wasn't looking at him but glancing behind him at the other. "Those brats ..." Chuuya thought.

They didn't finish eating when a costumer entered and went to buy something. The second he started talking with Atsushi, Akutagawa glared at them especially when the other was smiling softly to the costumer. Chuuya noticed him and smirked, he commented while mimicking the other's tone :" Just seeing him being happy from far away is enough for me~

The younger one turned his glare from the others to his friend while hiding his mouth with his hand :"Stop with your sarcastic comments, Chuuya-san ...". The ginger just laughed.

After they finished, Chuuya got up and wore his jacket :"Time to go ."

"Already ?!" The younger one exclaimed. He still didn't have enough of his crush for the day, well he didn't realize that he would never have enough actually.

"I don't have all day for your stupid love that would never be real ." He adjusted his jacket and took his wallet to pay but thought of something and ordered the other :"It's your turn today, go pay the bill ."

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