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Chuuya wasn't feeling well these days, he's always tired and has nausea and each time he eats, he just wants to vomit everything. 

At the sight of his suffering husband, Dazai had to do something but taking him to the hospital wasn't an option because Chuuya hated hospitals. So he decided to just talk about the matter with their scary Doctor in the ADA: Yosano Akiko. 

She got all excited the second he told her :"What kind of injuries does he have ???

"No ..." Dazai started :"Actually ... he just doesn't feel well ...

Yosano suddenly lost all interest :"I thought i would at least take off one or two legs ..."

"No ... unfortunately ..." Dazai tried his best not to make her angry or disinterested, he needs her help :"So, can you go to my apartment this afternoon and figure out the problem ?"

"What ? I am the one who should go there too ?" She asked, already feeling tired from this.

"Well ... he's really tired ..." said Dazai to try to convince her.

"Okay, i'll go ..." Yosano sighed then added :"but just because i have no work this afternoon and ..." she smirks :"It's not always that we get to see a worried and carring Dazai~

"Is that so ..." Dazai himself still didn't realize what all the members of the ADA already noticed : Dazai working hard to finish his reports and go back home.

At first, they were all surprised, Atsushi made sure to check if the other doesn't have a fever, Kunikida prepared himself for the end of the world while Ranpo suggested to celebrate this for which all the younger ones complied excitedly, in fact, Ranpo just wanted to have some sweets.

After Yosano told them that the reason was Chuuya, they weren't surprised anymore, they all knew how much these two loved each other and they all still remember all the problems both their organizations had to face when they wanted to get married.
It isn't a good memory, but the wedding made up for it. 

After he got back home, Dazai found his suffering husband laying on the bed waiting for him. He directly set beside him and kissed his forehead softly :"I'm home, Chuuya~

"Welcome home" answered the redhead tiredly but still smiling :"Sorry, i couldn't even prepare something ...

Dazai shook his head and reassured him :"Don't worry, i will prepare dinner and take care of everything, you just lay here and rest" . He got up to change his clothes but remembered about Yosano :"What did Yosano-san say when she came ?

"Nothing important" said Chuuya while looking away :"She just said i had to do some tests tomorrow ...

"Tests ?? " Dazai sighed :"I guess i should take the day off to go with you then ...

"No ..." hushed Chuuya :"She said she would accompagny me herself

"Oh !" The brunette exclaimed :"and when will the results be out so that i bring them ?

"They will be out after three days but Yosano-san said she will be the one bringing them too ..." said Chuuya innocently, he himself didn't know what Yosano was planning.

"How come ??" Now Dazai was really surprised, he knew Yosano wasn't the type to do such things out of kindness, there is something going on.

After four days, Dazai made sure to finish his work early and didn't pay attention to the other members of the ADA looking at him and talking secretly between them or laughing. 

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