Not a one night thing

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Warning : SMUT !

The music was loud, the club was full of lights, Chuuya's ears and eyes needed time to adjust to this atmosphere but the first sight his eyes laid on was of a girl kneeling down and sucking some guy's dick. Chuuya couldn't help but think "I should never make a bet with Ranpo again ..."

He didn't even walk two steps when he had arms around his waist, he shivered at the sudden touch but mostly at that stranger's breath on his neck :"Wanna have some fun ?" The guy's arms wandered to Chuuya's chest expecting to find breasts but getting slightly disappointed :"Aren't you .. too flat ?"

"Well i'm a dude !" Chuuya complained and the guy let go instently :"Oh fuck, i don't swing that way !" But he only needed one second to turn around and find himself a proper girl this time.

Chuuya didn't even get to sigh when he had someone's hand on his crotch "Fuck this !" He was about to yell at them till he found it was a girl "A naked girl !" His mind corrected, seductively whispering :"Let's have a good time together, sweetheart~ ."

"No, i'm gay ." He replied right away pushing the girl's hand away then heading to the bar to do what he had to do "I will just take that goddamn drink then get the fuck out of here !" He was trying his best not to mind all those guys fucking around him or the hands brushing his ass from time to time.

In the bar, Dazai had a girl pushing her tits on his back pleading him to take care of her but he had no time for her :"Let me finish my job then i will come with you, i promise !"

"Aren't you done with your shift yet ?? Come on !! I want you !!"

"Ask Fyodor, he's the one who's late ." Dazai finally succeeded at pushing the girl away and luckily for him, there was a guy ready to take her, he turned his attention to the guy who just sat at the counter asking for something not too strong.

"Here is your drink ." Dazai took a good look on the short ginger almost mistaking him for a girl at his long hair, short height and pretty face but guessing he was a guy at his clothes :"Hey you, this is your first time here right ?"

Chuuya only nodded not ready to start a conversation with a guy that he judged to be a freak at all his piercings and those bandages wrapped around his skin but the guy wasn't ready to let him be :"Are you on your own ?"

"Mmh .." Chuuya averted the brunet's gaze only for his eyes to lay on a girl and two guys having a threesome, he gulped and turned his head to the brunet again finding his face inches away from his as he leaned on the counter :"Your eyes are pretty ."

"Thanks ..." Chuuya leaned slightly back then turned his attention to a guy slamming the girl who was pleading Dazai on the counter as he thrusted in her while she kept saying between her moans :"Dazai .. please .. i want you to fuck me !!"

"You aren't supposed to say that when you already have a cock inside you ..." Dazai sighed tiredly then suddenly took Chuuya's drink forcing him to follow him as they moved away from the crazy bitch with the counter still separating them :"Are you into girls or guys ? Or maybe both ?"

"Guys ." Chuuya answered blatantly taking a sip from his drink wondering when the guy will leave him alone :"Then why don't you go around and find yourself some guy you can have a good time with ?"

"I just came here because i lost in a bet, i will finish this one drink and storm out of this fucked up place, i'm not spending any other second in here ."

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