The Princess and The Mercenary *2*

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Things didn't go according to Chuuya's plan since the moment they reached a small town where they couldn't care less about their princess's wedding, Dazai informed him that his work with him is finished and they should part away making the ginger feel a mix of surprise, sadness, fear but mostly irritation :"What- weren't you the one who suggested to run away together ?!"

"And that's what we did, i never mentionned staying with you after we run away besides, i have got work in the next town so i will be leaving now ." Dazai was already walking away and waving at the ginger before Chuuya follows him and grabs his elbow with teary eyes :"I ... i know no one in this town and i have no idea what i should do or where i should go ... you can't just leave me like that ..."

The mercenary acted like he was thinking till his eyes brightened as an idea crossed his mind :"Okay i may stay with you but only if ..." Chuuya couldn't help but feel suspicious and he wasn't wrong :"... only if you plead me and accept to call me Dazai-sama from now on~"

"What- are you actually having fun with all this situation?!" The poor princess hushed his tone full of rage, Dazai's words only made it worse :"I can't help it, i have always hated royalities so i'm just enjoying ridiculing you now that i got the chance to~"

"Ridiculing me ..." Chuuya couldn't believe what he just heard, he didn't even give it a second thought as he shouted in anger :"Damn you ! I wish i have never met you !" Before he walks away while wiping his tears and muttering :"How did i even trust such a guy ..." he still had some hope as he turned around to check if he followed him but the mercenary wasn't there anymore "He couldn't care less, could he ..."

"What am i going to do now ..." The ginger could only curse himself for trusting him as he walked around the town, it took him a lot of time to realize that he was drawing everyone's attention "They probably think i'm a girl ." He thought before he decides that he should find himself other clothes, men's clothes and plain ones that don't draw too much attention. He kept walking around not finding any store till a man suddenly approached him asking him if he needed some help, he obviously addressed him as a lady.

"I was searching for some place where i could buy clothes, men's clothes ..." Chuuya muttered weakly trying his best to hide his face with his coat's hoody. The man saying that he can help him reassured him :"... but i see that you are trying your best not to make yourself noticed so you can give me the money and wait for me here while i go and buy them for you, it won't take too long ."

As naive as he was, Chuuya trusted him as he pulled the box he took before leaving the castle then asked the man how much he needed. "I can't really tell so how about you give me all the box and i bring you the change with the clothes when i come back ?" The man suggested. The ginger looked at the golden coins inside the box then handed it to the man adding :"Don't take too long, okay ?"

"Yes, just wait for me here, don't move okay !" The man didn't wait to storm away with the box while Chuuya set on a bench there then looked up at the blue sky "If i didn't run away, i would have been married now ... i wonder what they are all doing in the castle ..." he set there for minutes that turned to hours waiting for the man to come back but the stranger never came back. He eventually realized that the man fooled him and now he had nothing and nowhere to go. He was starving, he ate nothing since the past day and it was already turning dark. He got up from his seat and walked again till he couldn't anymore as he collapsed in tiredness. He leaned on a wall of one of the houses around then slowly slided down giving up to his tiredness and deciding he would just sleep and think about everything again when he wakes up.

In his sleep, he saw his mother crying, he saw the disappointment in the eyes of everyone in the castle, he saw how their country was absorbed by the neighboring ones and all the pain he brought to it's people because of his selfishness. When he woke up, he felt warm as tears traced their way down his cheeks, he thought he still was dreaming till he realized he was in a room sleeping on a bed with a blanket covering him and warming him. As he set up, he noticed some food on the side, he wanted to eat so bad but still had to figure what was going on.

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