Sweet Home *1*

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Chuuya crawled beside her sleeping husband who instinctively wrapped his arm around her pulling her closer. She could hear his soft snorts as she put her arms between her thighs and internally cried out 'He ... he came inside me again ..'

In the next morning, Dazai received a call from his work so he had to leave even though it was his weekend. He softly kissed the kids still sleeping in their room then one last kiss for his wife and he left for his work. Chuuya opted to start with cleaning since she knew how much her sons can occupy her. She tried to do everything quickly till the trouble makers known as her sons, decided to wake up.

She felt grateful that Dazai trained the kids on helping each other instead of always relying on her since when they wake up, Shuuji takes Mirai to wash his face then helps him change his clothes before they emerge in the living room shouting their 'Good morning' to their mother then kissing her.

Shuuji was a 9 years old kid yet he was really calm and mature for his age while Mirai who still was just 5, was the troublesome one between them. He had way too much energy especially in the morning.

Luckily for Chuuya, this morning, they were silent as they ate their breakfest since they were watching their most favourite TV show but the calm atmosphere didn't last for too long because the moment the cartoon ended, they showed an advertisment with baby kids making Mirai joyfully comment.

"These babies are so cute !!"

"Mirai was also cute when he was a baby ."

Shuuji added with a soft smile as he petted his younger brother but the latter didn't enjoy his comment as he pouted.

"But i never saw Onii-chan when he was a baby, this is not fair !!!"

"It's normal since i am older than you ."

In the kitchen, Chuuya smiled softly at their little argument but instently regretted it when her angry son emerged in the room with his brother right after him.

"This isn't fair, mommy !!! Why was Onii-chan able to see me when i was a baby while i can't ?? I want to see a baby too !!"

"But you are the youngest so it's not possible ..."

"Being the youngest isn't fun at all .."

Mirai was about to cry so Chuuya dropped everything in her hands kneeling down then pulling her son to her chest kissing his head softly.

"Don't cry, sweetheart, besides, it's amazing to be the youngest, when i was young, i would always get jealous of my younger sister since she gets all the attention ."

Shuuji noticed that his little brother wasn't that convinced so he softly suggested in hope that he stops crying.

"But we- we can always have a new baby, right mom ?"

Chuuya's face turned bright red at remembering her previous night with her husband not realizing when Mirai pulled away completely forgetting his tears as he enthusiastically said.

"If we can have a new baby then let's make a new baby, mommy !!!"

'This ... this is wrong on so many different levels !!!!' Chuuya's mind shouted before she hears her older son retort.

"But we can't make a baby, only dad and mom can make babies ."

... and he instently added at his mother's shocked face.

"This- this is what i heard at school !!!!"

'What are they teaching kids these days ...' Chuuya thought before freezing at the youngest's question that she wished she would never hear.

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