Mine !

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"Today is the day Chuuya officially becomes my dog~"

Dazai wore his signature grin while looking at his dear partner who had to do all the reports after losing a bet with him. Dazai will never get enough of the other who keeps falling for his provocations even though he knew he would lose the bet in the end. What annoyed him is the other who was paying no attention to his words now.

"How dare you, Chuuya ? Your owner even thought of reserving a special day to celebrate you becoming his dog and you dare ignore him ?!"

Chuuya was just the same, filling the reports one after the other, he felt like there was no end to them and the worst was this waste of bandages whining at him the whole time but the other's next words didn't fail to get his attention.

"And i who even brought you a gift thinking of pleasing my dog ... you are being so inconsiderate, Chuuya ..."

When blue eyes met hazel ones, a wide grin found it's way to the brunet's lips as he finally succeeded at catching the other's interest.

"Finish the reports then i will show it to you ..."

"Why do i feel like it's something stupid ?"

"Oh Chuuya, you will love it !"

... and after he finished the reports and they went to his room, Dazai finally showed him what he has been hiding behind his back the whole time.


"What is this ?"

"This is called a choker, something humans put on their dogs's necks to show that they belong to them~"

Dazai had a wide grin as he showed the ginger the black choker he bought him but at the other's expression, he indirectly teased him as he acted like he didn't know why the other hated it.

"You don't like it ? And i who though it would look perfect on you ... should we add the words 'Dazai's property' on it ?"

Chuuya tried his best not to get angry with this guy again but no ! He can't ! He's totally done with him !

"Cut this out ! I'm never wearing this thing ! Just go out and let me sleep, i don't have the energy to deal with you ."

He headed to his wardrobe pulling a t-shirt and small shorts to wear for the night but was surprised at the brunet suddenly behind him putting the choker on him then fastly backing away at the other trying to punch him.

"See ? It really looks good on you- i mean, on a dog like you~ this will also be a sign of your loyalty to me, you will never betray me, Chuuya~"

"I would betray you the second i get the chance to, you bastard ! Now leave my room !"

"Then i can assure you that you will never get that chance~"

Chuuya tried to push the brunet out but he gave up at the other who used this chance to pat his head and smirk at him, he instead took off the choker and threw it on his bed.

"And i can assure that i'm not becoming your dog or your subordinate or yours in general so just leave me alone !!"

"Do you two never get tired of your bickering ?"

Kouyou who came to check on her protege after the tiring day he had with all the work he needed to finish, sighed at the sight she found, well, she was already used to it at this point.

"It's his fault !!! He made me do all his work and now he doesn't want to leave me alone !!"

"I recall you accepted the bet willingly~"

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