Bleeding Love

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"Hey there, pretty boy~ what about a double suicide with me~"

"Sorry, i can't die before meeting a real vampire ."

"A vampire ? You believe such creatures exist ?"

"Yeah, probably and my biggest wish is to meet one of them !"

"How about you tell me more about them then~"

... and this was how it started.

Nakahara Chuuya transfered to this high school a week ago. He thought it would be hard for him to find company since he transfered in the middle of the year but even him didn't get why those two guys were so interested in him. One was the first one who ever addressed him, the tall, handsome brunet who was in the same grade as him but seemed to be the lone type, Dazai Osamu. The other one was a year younger than him, the athletic extrovert type, Tachihara Michizou. 

The ginger prefered the first one though since he shared the same interest in vampires as him even though he found him really weird especially with his bandages and his longing for death. The second one was 'a good guy' Chuuya would say even though he could never get why the guy addressed him in the first place and the weirdest thing is that both of his friends hated each other. Chuuya tried his best to share the same time with both of them but even him knew he prefered the brunet, that handsome guy with a sweet smile who is always staring at him from far away or just staying beside him as they shared what they knew about vampires.

"Why are you so interested in vampires ?" Dazai asked out of the blue to the ginger who just smiled, he couldn't count how many times he heard this question and his answer was always the same :"Because they fascinate me ..." this answer was pretty vague but the brunet accepted it with a warm smile. 

Chuuya never minded the weird looks other students gave him when he was with the brunet or even all the times Tachihara asked him to stay away from that guy but he couldn't understand why, the guy was nice with him so how could this ever go wrong ? But what really teased the redhead's curiosity for the first time was when they organized the school festival. Their class held a horror café house where the hosts wore scary costumes. Chuuya was better at cooking than most of the girls so he took care of the meals and didn't get to wear any costume while Dazai played the role of the vampire. In the end of the day, they both went to the rooftop then stared down at the other students dancing around the fire. The ginger excitedly commented :"You did a great job in your role, you really looked like a real vampire !"

"Well, it's logical i would look like a vampire since i am a vampire~" Dazai answered nonchalantly.

... and this was how Chuuya found out that Dazai Osamu was a vampire.

Chuuya thought it was a joke at first, he couldn't believe a real vampire was beside him this whole time without him knowing. He ended up trusting him after a lot of tests as checking if he had a reflection in mirrors or if he sleeps at night or even him drinking blood :"How old are you then ?"

"Some centuries ... it has been so long that i never bothered to count ...

"Where you a human at first ?"

"Yeah, i was transformed by a person that i killed long after ..."

"Did you drink human blood ?"

"Yeah, i did but now, i prefer drinking animal blood ."

"Did you ..." Chuuya couldn't count how many questions he asked and Dazai answered them one by one calmly till that one question :"Is it true that vampires are fast and way too strong ?"

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