We are happy

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"Chuuya is being strange these last days, what if something happened at school like last time ?"

Paul was drying his hands after washing the dinner's dishes as he made his remark to his husband after their 7 years old son went to his room.

"We will never figure out if we don't talk with him ."

Randou stood up heading upstairs to the ginger's room with Paul fastly following him then holding his hand.

"Let's talk with him together ."

In his room, Chuuya had in front of him his homework that he already finished and now, he only set on his bed pulling his knees to his chest resting his head on them with his thoughts going far away but they went back the moment he heard his parents knock on his door then go inside his room and join him on his bed.

"Did you finish your homework ?"

Chuuya nodded as he went to sit on Randou's lap while Paul checked on the other's homework.

"All the answers are correct, our son sure is doing his best in his studies ."

Paul went closer petting the ginger who rested his head on his father's chest.

"I am not the best one, the new kid is better .."

"Is this why you look so sad and always lost in your thoughts ?"

Randou was the one petting the other's back now while Chuuya hugged him tightly holding on his black sweater.

"No ... it's just that ... last week, there is that new kid who started studying with me and he's just like me .."

Chuuya pulled away and grinned to his parents.

"He has two dads but then, when our comrades found out, they wanted to bully him just like they did with me but i stood between them and stopped them !!"

"That's my son !"

Randou and Paul both smiled proudly but their expressions fastly turned to confusion at their son's sad face.

"Yeah but when i turned to Dazai- ah, it's the name of our new comrade, so when i turned to him, i thought he would thank me and then we ... would become friends but he just ignored me and all the others but there is worse !!"

"Oh, there is more ?"

"Yeah, what happened ?"

Chuuya's expression went from sad to angry now.

"The next day, i was surprised when he talked with me but it was just to tease me about my short height, he keeps calling me 'chibi' and each time they give us milk, he gives me his cup saying that i should drink more milk to get taller and the worst is when the teacher thought that we get along since he never leaves me alone then she even made us sit together !!"

Then he instently added ..

"Don't laugh !!"

.. at his parents chuckling

"We are just happy that you finally got yourself your first friend ."

"But he isn't my friend !! He just .. keeps teasing me and making fun of my short height ."

"But he's also always around you and talks only with you, for the teasing part, i'm sure he has his reasons so you don't have to be so angry about it~"

"No ! He's just too mean !!"

"But you still want him to be your friend, right ?"

"Well .. if he stops teasing me then i will consider it i guess, BUT if he doesn't, then i don't want him to be my friend !!"

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