Keep your eyes on me

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"Are you not done yet, Chuuuuuyaaaa ..."

"Leave me alone, told you i gotta finish this assignment ."

"But i even skipped classes just to stay with you .."


"Chuuyaaa ..."

Chuuya didn't reply to the whiny brunet, he focused on his laptop making the last corrections in his assignment not minding Dazai's complaints but of course, Dazai knew how to make him talk.

"What's with your clothes anyway ? As usual, you have such a bad fashion sense, it feels like you just wore the first thing your eyes laid on this morning ..."

"Excuse you ?! I actually spent 3 hours last night to figure this perfect combination !"

Dazai took a second look at Chuuya's orange sweater, blue jeans, green jacket and red boots then sighed exasperated.

"I get why you didn't finish your assignment .. but-"

He surprised the ginger when he pulled his laptop but Chuuya held on it asking him what the hell he was up to again.

"You are making the last corrections so let me do them for you, i bet i will be faster and then let's go to some place before your next class ."

"We don't even study in the same field so how will you know what corrections i wanna make ?!"

"I don't need to study it to know what to do so just give it to me !!"

Dazai's insisting didn't fail to get on Chuuya's nerves this time.

"Are you indirectly insulting everyone doing their best to study literature ?! Okay .. go away before i get really angry .."

"But Chuuya-"

"I said go !"

Dazai gave in to Chuuya's death glare standing from their bench then looking around for another one but there were none, all he found was a tree he could lean on which he did only to face the ginger and get on his nerves.

Chuuya didn't mind him focusing on his assignment till he finished it but then he hesitated to call his lover not knowing what to say after he got angry at him earlier. What got his attention was the fact that Dazai was reading a different book from his usual one about ways to commit a perfect suicide and he was even smiling at it. Chuuya couldn't help but feel curious.

He forgot about his curiosity though when a silver haired boy suddenly addressed the brunet. Dazai seemed to know him as he got in a talk with him. Some time later, a black haired boy joined them after Dazai called him then the younger ones got in an argument and Dazai tried to stop them while Chuuya felt like he was left behind so he just put his laptop on the side then pulled his phone and the only thing he thought of was to take pictures of his lover in front of him then laugh at the weird poses he was taking till the younger boys decided to go each on his way.

"You're on your phone so you must be done .."

Dazai had a suspicious look that Chuuya didn't even mind as he only took his laptop and stood up walking with the brunet beside him.

"Who were you talking with ?"

"Ah, the one with silver hair is Atsushi-kun and the other one is Akutagawa-kun. This is Atsushi-kun's first year as a college student so he needed some help and it just happened that Akutagawa-kun is his senpai since they study in the same field. I thought it would be nice if he helped him but it seems that they met before and aren't on good terms with each other .."

Dazai sighed tired from his kouhais while Chuuya had another question on his mind.

"How about that book you were reading ? I never saw that one before ."

"I also wonder who was that person you were so happy to text when you were on your phone .."

"I wasn't talking with anyone ."

Chuuya's reply was honest as he looked at his phone now blushing when he realized that Dazai was jealous then suggesting.

"How about you show me that book the same time i show you what i was doing on my phone ?"

Dazai nodded pulling his book from his pocket opening it then showing it to the ginger the same time as Chuuya showed him his phone both of them not expecting what they saw.

"You were taking pictures of me .."

"You weren't reading ..."

Chuuya took the picture Dazai kept inside his book and was looking at with a smile earlier. It was no other than their picture together in their very first date two years ago, right after they graduated from high school.

"You kept it all this time .. ?"

"You didn't keep yours ?"

"Of course i did !!"

Chuuya blushed returning the picture where it was then walking where he was heading.

"My .. next class will start so i have to leave ."

"Again ??? Aren't you neglecting me too much these days ? If you keep it this way i might look somewhere else~"

Dazai was just planning to tease him a little not realizing how much it hit the ginger who couldn't help but feel jealous and irritated doing something Dazai didn't expect at all.

He turned on his steps walking to the brunet then suddenly pulling him from his collar crushing their lips together not giving a damn about all the students around them. When he pulled away, he walked some steps then smirked back at the brunet who was still standing there in shock.

"You will look somewhere else you said ? Where will you look when you can't even take your eyes off me~"

After he regained his composure, Dazai only smiled at the ginger's back then followed him deciding to also skip his next class and assist to Chuuya's class instead. He couldn't take his eyes off him after all~

*This is pretty short but it was inspired by that official art with them as College students ^^

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