You already know ...

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Chuuya was in a bar drinking with Hirotsu-san and Kajii while complaining about his partner/boyfriend just as he always does.
"... and just when we were about to kiss he had to notice that fucking lake and jump in it WHAT THE FUCK !!! ..." Chuuya was so irritated from Dazai's actions.
They finally had a free day so Dazai suggested they go on a date, it's been a long time they didn't go on one after all ... and just when everything was perfect : the sunset, the blush on Chuuya's face ... just when he closed his eyes waiting for the other to kiss him, the suicidal maniac had to ruin the mood ...
"I'M DEFINITALY NOT FORGIVING HIM THIS TIME ... " yelled Chuuya while hitting the table and finishing all his cup in one gulp .
"Here we go again ... " Hirotsu and Kajii ... even the bartender could just sigh, they were already used to this . Luckily, they were alone in the bar so Chuuya could shout as much as he wanted. He continued like this till he fainted, then Hirotsu and Kajii helped him go back to his apartment .

For all the next week, Chuuya asked Mori to not give him missions with Dazai, he didn't want to see that jerk's face.
Dazai, on the other hand, started getting worried . It's true that Chuuya always gets angry with him but he never toke it that far ... he even asked something from the boss ... Chuuya never had the courage to do something like that .
After one week, Dazai lost patience . He had to do something about his angry boyfriend.

Chuuya was tired. Fighting all his ennemies alone without Dazai's help was indeed tiring. He just wanted to lay on his couch and drink some of his super expensive wine .

He regreted wanting this the second he entered his apartment .
"Welcome home honey~"said Dazai with a cheerful smile while getting up from the couch and getting closer to Chuuya to hug him.
Chuuya just pushed him away. He was so tired to deal with this suicidal freak:"Fuck off !". 
Dazai wasn't surprised.He knew his partner way too well :" Oh Chuuya, why are you so mean~".
"Just get out of my- "Chuuya noticed that Dazai opened his favorite bottle. He just sighs . He, too, knew his partner too well. So he just laid on his couch as he planned and toke the filled cup that was on the table and drank from it. Dazai set beside him with wide eyes :"Chuuya ... i drank from that cup".
"And ?" Chuuya already knew Dazai's going to say something stupid .
Dazai touched his lips and feigned a blush :"Isn't this an indirect kiss Chuuya ??"
"Why the fuck are you getting worked up over this when we already have kissed so many times ???"
Dazai's arms went around Chuuya's waist and he whispered into the other's ear :"I miss you Chuuya~"
"I said fuck off . I don't wanna see your stupid face" Chuuya tried to get up but Dazai's grip was ridiculously strong.
Dazai singsonged "Yeah the same stupid face you fell for~"
Chuuya tried to pretend that he wasn't affected ... but his saddened tone ruined it all :"That was in the past ! You can go and find a beauty to commit your double suicide with. I don't care anymore." He just looked away .
Dazai put soft kisses on Chuuya's neck while still whispering :" Then why did you get me out of the lake last time ?"
Chuuya blushed. He just wanted to turn around and kiss Dazai but No ! He can't give up this easily :" Because the port mafia needs you, isn't that obvious ? Now get off of me !"
Dazai loosened his grip on Chuuya's waist but just when the other got up, he held his hand and kissed it :"Chuuya, you know i love you" he used that serious tone that Chuuya hated so much .
"Then i think it's time for you to decide which one you love more :me or death !" Chuuya already teared up. He didn't want to show it so he just turned his face to the other side .
Dazai got up and started with a teasing tone :"Well~ you know that i love both of you so much an-"
"STOP FUCKING AROUND !!!" Yelled Chuuya while pulling the other from his collar :"you say you love me but then you try to kill yourself .. it's ... it's just like you're saying i fucking mean nothing to you !" Chuuya was crying but he didn't care. It's not the first time that Dazai sees his tears. " Don't you know how much this hurts !!" Now he had his head on Dazai's chest.
The brunette hugged him tightly :" You could have at least let me finish what i was about to say ..."
"I don't wanna hear, you're just gonna say some shitty thing so that i forgive you and as stupid as i am i'll fucking forgive you and the same scenario will just repeat itself ..." said Chuuya between his sobs.
Dazai acted like he heared nothing :" What i was going to say is that i love both of you but you know what's the difference between you and death ?"
Chuuya had his arms on Dazai's back now :"what ... is it ?"
Dazai pulled away and looked directly into Chuuya's big blue, teary eyes :" The difference is that death doesn't love me back but Chuuya ..." he cupped Chuuya's cheek :" ... but Chuuya loves me back .. Chuuya loves me more than anyone ... Chuuya loves me more than everything in this world ... and i love Nakahara Chuuya more than everything in this world " Dazai backs away while holding both Chuuya's hands :" I'm a suicidal freak, i love bandages, i'm a jerk and i love Nakahara Chuuya ... " he looked at him with a smile :" That's who i am. So would you accept me for who i am, Chuuya ?"
Chuuya was just a crying mess now but he still looked into Dazai's eyes :"You already know ..."
Dazai held Chuuya's hands tighter :" I need you to say it ... "
"You ... you already know i love you and accepted you with all your flaws long ago ... and ... stop making me say those embarassing things ! " Chuuya had his face on fire so he just snuggled into Dazai's chest to hide it.
"Well it was you who started all of this, you could have just jumped on me and kissed me as you always do~" said Dazai with a mocking tone .
"I take back what i just said .. i fucking hate you!" Chuuya tried to back away but Dazai couldn't allow that to happen.
He just leaned down so that he's in the same level as Chuuya :" Did you want that kiss so bad Chuu~"
Chuuya blushed more if that was even possible :" Wha .. no ..  it wasn't  ... well fuck you !!" He could just stutter .
Dazai looked at him seriously :" Chuuya .. "
"Wh .. what ?"
"You like all things related to France right ?"
Chuuya was confused :" Yeah .. ?"
"Then give me a French kiss" Dazai was already just inches away from Chuuya's face . The latter had no escape so he just leaned forward and kissed him.
After a moment, they pulled away to recover their breaths. Then Dazai whispered in a sexy way while kissing Chuuya's cheek softly then going down to his neck :" A week was too much for me ... i missed you so much Chuuya ..."
Chuuya tried to pull away in vain again :"Stop .. i'm so tired .. so not ... now ..."
Dazai smirked while still kissing him :" Just give up, you already know i have all i want when i want~" He then lifted him bridal style and went to their bedroom . Chuuya sighed and whispered :" I hate you so much"
Dazai laid him on the bed and positionned himself on top of him then said between kisses :" Yeah Chuuya you love me so much~".

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