What about us ? *3*

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"I'll invite him to the wedding ..." Akutagawa muttered out of the blue pulling his friend out of his thoughts :"Do whatever you want ..."

"Can't you show some interest, you have been like this all day ..." Ryuu was worried but it didn't show at all in his tone. Chuuya still got the message as he answered :"I'm just as usual besides ..." he looked back at him :"... you're going alone today so good luck" then he waved at him and went away not giving the other any chance to say something.

"No way i can see Dazai today ..." Chuuya thought, he instently blushed and felt his heart beating faster as he remembered him :"Aaaagh why can't i just forget about him already !!!!" He screamed loudly earning himself some weird looks.

Atsushi noticed his colleague going out of the kitchen and looking at the costumers several times that day :"Are you waiting for someone, Dazai-san ?

Dazai nodded silently as he looked at who was approaching the door making the other even more curious :"Who is it ?"

"Look who came~" he teased as he pointed at the door where Akutagawa emerged. The younger one followed his colleague's finger at where it was pointing just to meet the other's gaze making both of them blush. 

The brunet stared at them interacting with each other embarassingly and smiled at the sight, what saddened him was that the small ginger he was waiting for all the day didn't show up.

He got closer to him as Atsushi went to bring his crush's order which was the same as the previous day :"I see that you came alone today .

"Yeah ..." Ryuu answered, surprised from the other who suddenly adressed him :"My friend couldn't come, i didn't even get to ask him why he wouldn't come though ..."

"I wish he is fine ..." Dazai asked, worry obviously showing on his tone. 

Akutagawa reassured him :"No, he is fine, he was just acting all weird during the day ..."

Dazai narrowed his eyes without asking more questions as Atsushi interrupted them with the other's order. He went back to the kitchen wondering what may have happened with the ginger "Maybe i should text him ..." he thought as he stared at his phone but he refrained himself, they weren't that close after all.

After a moment, Atsushi glanced from the door while blushing :"He wants you to come ..."

The brunet was confused but still joined them just to be given an invitation card from the raven haired boy :"The details about the wedding are in the card, i wish both of you could join us and share our happiness that day ."

"Why is he so polite ?" Dazai thought as he looked at the letter then smiled. He noticed his panicked colleague so he opted to answer instead of him :"Thank you so much for the invitation, we sure will join you and instead of sharing your happiness, we would prefer to add more to it with our pastries ."

"Thank you, Dazai-san !!!!" Atsushi thought as he saw his crush's satisfied expression. They did the same bowing as the two previous days but it seemed more natural now, they already started getting used to each other.

The second he went out, Akutagawa headed to his friend's apartment, he had to  tell him about the day's achievements ! 

"You didn't accompagny me just to be lazing around in your apartment ?!" Ryuu asked irritatingly as he found Chuuya reading a book in the veranda while hearing the sound of the rain falling.

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