One round is never enough

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Warning : Smut !

At the sound of the door pushed open, Chuuya put the last plate on the table then headed to the doorway ready to welcome his husband and two sons not prepared to find only Dazai there. To clear his confusion, the latter took off his coat and shoes and headed towards him landing a soft kiss on his small lips.

"I left the kids with their grandmother~"

"But why ? They were so excited for the cake ..."

"Don't worry, i bought them one ."

"It's not the same as the one i prepare, i thought we will celebrate together, i even prepared the table for the four of us ..."

"I wanted to celebrate it without the kids around since it has been exactly ten years that we got married~"

A blush fastly painted the ginger's cheeks at realizing what his husband who had his arms around his waist pulling him closer, wanted.

"Should we .. eat first ?"

"No, i don't want to waste any second~"

"Then .. let me at least clear the table ..."

Chuuya stormed to the dinning room while the brunet headed to their bedroom with the bag he just brought with him to make some arrangments there. Moments later, he joined the ginger who was washing the dishes then stood behind him staring at him and imagining what they will be doing later till the ginger finished and dried his hands.

"So ? What shall we do now~"

Dazai was hugging the smaller one from behind now then whining at the other getting all tensed up between his arms.

"Are you really getting embarassed on me ? We have been doing this before we even get married, Chuuya so come on !"

"I know ..."

"Then say it ."

'Let's have sex ... or no-' Chuuya slowly turned to face the other while leaning on the counter now since he wasn't giving him much space as he thought of what to say 'Let's fuck .. no, this one is too dirty ...' in the end, he opted to say with a dark blush painting his cheeks.

"Make ... love to me, Osamu ..."

"If you say it in such an adorable way i won't be able to make it till the bedroom ... let's just do it here-"

"No way we're doing it in the kitchen !! Let's go .."

Chuuya grabbed his husband's wrist saying 'No !' At each place the other suggested.

"Then how about the couch ? The dinning table ? Let's leave the bathroom for tomorrow morning, how about the veranda ? The car ? A hotel-"

"Dazai !"

"Come on !! We have already done it in all the places i mentioned so it's nothing new .."

"Except we have done that when we were in our twenties, now we are thirty two !!"

Chuuya pushed the door of their bedroom open instently stopping then blushing at all the red petals on the bed and the floor and the small candles lightening the room. When Dazai locked the door behind him, the whole atmosphere changed to a romantic one as the latter pulled his husband with him to the bed.

"It's the same decoration as that day ..."

"It will be like our honeymoon again, but in a more passionate way this time~"

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