Chuuya is ... fat ?!

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Dazai was laying lazely on the couch going from channel to channel, he kept wondering why Chuuya was strangely in a good mood today, he didn't even ask for his help to prepare dinner which was really unlike him.

Chuuya's phone that he left on the table startled him when it rang, he took it writing the password that he obviously knew and was surprised by the texts he found not hesitating to read them "Thank you so much for earlier and here is the picture you asked for ."

Something snapped inside Dazai's brain when he saw the picture of his lover with another guy "Hot guy" Dazai's mind corrected, they were literally only sitting next to each other but this was more than enough to infuriate him. He didn't wait to head to the kitchen glaring at the petite ginger.

"You received a text ."

"From who ?"

Chuuya dried his hands then turned his attention to the brunet totally oblivious to the rage growing inside him.

"It says 'Thank you so much for earlier' .."

"Oh, it must be from Dostoyevsky since we had dinner together earlier, he's new in my company and he's a foreigner, from Russia but he's really nice, and we got along fastly, i'm kinda glad i was tasked to show him around and let him know more about our work, he's still not too good with Japanese though, i guess i will have to teach him ."

"He even sent a picture of you two together ."

"I was the one who asked him to send it, guess he didn't forget me ."

Chuuya was looking at the picture while smiling with the phone still in Dazai's hand till he pushed it towards him angrily.

"Yes Chuuya, good job ! Keep having dinner with every new worker you get but don't complain to me when you get fatter !"

He stormed back to the living room right away raising the volume of the TV then turning it off and sleeping on the couch once he was tired of it, in the end, none of them ate what Chuuya prepared.

Dazai was still sleeping when he suddenly felt the couch shaking, he thought at first that it was an earthquake but he fastly figured that it was just Chuuya kicking the couch to wake him.

"Get up, mackerel !"

Chuuya didn't even wait for Dazai to fully wake up to throw at him some clothes.

"Wash your face and wear these clothes quickly, we need to go out ."

"It's .. not even morning yet, where would you want to go at such an hour .. ?"

"To run, obviously ."

Dazai kept processing Chuuya's words not realizing their real meaning till he wetted his face finally fully waking up "To run ???????"

"Why would we go to run ??"

Dazai complained as he followed the ginger out of the building but Chuuya didn't even mind stopping, in fact, he just wanted to hide his embarrassed face.

"Because i ... gained some weight ..."

It took him too long but Dazai finally recalled their argument in the previous night, he had that sudden urge to laugh at Chuuya getting insecure over his weight just like a girl but he refrained himself, he knew the other would punch him to the next street if he did so.

"Oh Chuuya, you aren't fat, you're just chubby and that makes you cuter in my opinion~"

"Shut up ! I don't want to hear your opinion !"

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