Happy Birthday Atsushi !!

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Dazai and Chuuya were on the roof top bickering as usual. The reason is that Dazai tried to commit suicide and this time, Chuuya is resolved to not forgive him.
"It has been a week, at least one kiss .." Dazai pleads while getting closer to the smaller one who pushed him away :"Not even in your dreams you suicidal maniac !!"
Dazai gave up :"You're so mean~ chibi". Just when Chuuya was going to hit him for calling him chibi, the other continued while looking down to the courtyard :"well, at least we're going out not as these two idiots" .
Chuuya looked at the same direction and noticed Akutagawa and Atsushi being all weird around each other. He sighed :"Just let them go at their pace ..."
The brunette blinked :"isn't Atsushi-kun's birthday next week ?"
"Now that you mention it ..." Chuuya realized :"i didn't even think about a gift ..."
"Well ..." Dazai started while putting his arm on Chuuya's shoulder :"i just happen to have a plan~ will you help me Chuu ??"
"When you stop calling me that way!!" The ginger yelled then continued :" i know we're thinking about the same gift i just wish your plan isn't stupid ..."
"Don't think too much Chuuya~ thinking is not your thing" Dazai laughed while trying to dodge Chuuya's punch.
"What is that fucking supposed to mean ??!"

Akutagawa was the last one to get out of the art club's room. After he wore his shoes and got out of the school, he noticed Chuuya waiting for him.
"You're too late" Chuuya complained while closing the book on which he was writing his new poem and getting up :" i waited for more than an hour here"
Akutagawa looked around :"How come you are not with Dazai-san today?"
"Don't mention that waste of bandages in front of me !!"Answered Chuuya annoyingly.
Akutagawa sighed:"you got into a fight again ... this is so stupid"
"Well at least we're going out in contrary of two idiots i know..."Chuuya teased.
"What do you mean ?"Asked the younger one with a frown.
"I'm talking about you and Atsushi obviously "Chuuya didn't let the other a chance to retort :"besides, his birthday is next week. Why don't you just take that chance to confess ?"
"Con ... what?!" Akutagawa exclaimed :"why would i do such a thing ?" He continued while putting his hand on his mouth and looking away .
"You're just acting like an annoying brat, did you at least think about his gift?"
"Why would i ..."he was going to lie but stopped when he saw the smaller one's glare :"i was thinking about painting something but i don't know what ..."
"Don't think too much about it. I bet he would like anything if it's you who does it." Akutagawa turned his head to hide the blush on his face that Chuuya obviously noticed.
When they had to part ways, Chuuya turned and said :"Don't forget to come to your classroom in Atsushi's birthday at 6 p.m. We're celebrating it there."
Akutagawa sighed :" you know i don't like crowded pla-"
"That suicidal freak wants you to come" Chuuya was annoyed for having to mention Dazai, but he knew this was the only way to convince the younger one.The immediate answer of Akutagawa was the proof that his trick worked :"If that's what Dazai-san wants then i can't really help it."
After they parted ways, Chuuya took his phone and texted Dazai "Done."

Meanwhile, Dazai was taking care of his part of the plan (that Chuuya doesn't know ...).
"Our drawing assignment is next week and i have no idea what i am supposed to paint ..." Atsushi pouted.
Dazai adviced :"Why don't you just paint something you like ?"
Atsushi's eyes brightened "Chazuke !"
"By something i didn't mean food Atsushi-kun ..."
"Then tigers ?"
"Not too artistic ..."
"Then what ??" Atsushi leaned down in defeat on the table in the coffee shop they were in :"What did you draw last year ?"
"A rope and bandages in a really artistic way~" answered Dazai with a cheerful smile. Atsushi didn't know how to react.
Dazai changed his expression to a soft one and adviced again :"Just paint what inspires you the most."
Atsushi got up with widened eyes and a faint blush crossed his cheeks .
"You just thought about something right~" smirked Dazai.
Atsushi nodded :"I know what i am going to draw now !"

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