Sweet Christmas

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Both the Armed Detective Agency and the Port Mafia decided to let their members enjoy Christmas this year. Dazai and Chuuya wanted to spend it together but they struggled too much to find a place where they won't be seen by any of their organisation's members since they had a secret relationship, or so Chuuya says.

Dazai made sure to check what everyone in the ADA will be doing. Kunikida would probably drown himself in work since the brunet made sure to occupy him so that he's late on his schedule. Ranpo had all the sweets he wanted and he wasn't the kind to get out in such occasions. Atsushi promised Kyouka he would buy her those pancakes she loves so much again. Kenji ate way too much that he will probably be spending all the night sleeping. Yosano will have some drinks by herself in her place since there will probably be no one who will have some serious injury that needs her ability. The Tanizaki brothers will also be spending it in their place since Junichirou couldn't bear the cold weather. Finally, Fukuzawa will probably take this chance to have some rest.

Chuuya, on his side, also made sure to check what everyone in the Port Mafia will be doing for this special day. Mori will probably be enjoying it with Elise while preparing some mischievous plans. Kouyou will welcome some of her special guests in her brothel for the day. Higuchi will enjoy her time with her family. Akutagawa will probably search for some way to make his mentor acknowledge him, this guy never rests. Gin decided to just keep an eye on her brother. Tachihara will spend it with some of his comrades from the PM in his place. Hirotsu will probably be found in some bar and Kajii .. he will probably continue his weird researches since Scientists have no limits !

After they found what each of their colleagues will be doing, they even chose a place where they are sure they would never encounter them. Chuuya refused at first since it was too cliché and embarassing for a Mafia executive but he gave up after the constant insisting of the brunet who convinced him to completely forget about their work for the night and just enjoy their time together in Yokohama's red brick Christmas market, a famous spot for families and couples, a place they are sure non of their comrades would attend.

Chuuya was already embarassed at his clothes but got even more embarassed at the sight of his lover who just arrived where they were supposed to meet :"Wh .. why did you have to wear that sweater ??? Now we will just look like those clichés couples who wear the same thing in their dates .." and he instently regretted making a comment about the other's clothes as he wished the brunet wouldn't notice but, of course Dazai noticed and also had to make a comment about it :"Is that my blue coat i left in your place the other day that you're wearing now~ how am i supposed to interpret this, Chuuya~"

Unfortunately, he didn't get an answer as the ginger hushed inside while hiding his blushing cheeks with his green scarf. They hurriedly forgot about their previous talk as they enjoyed their walk now like all the other couples there between the stands decorated with Christmas trees and beautiful lights without forgetting Christmas's sweet music. As they walked, Chuuya noticed his lover keeping his hands inside his broan coat's pockets and pulling them from time to time to breath into them to warm them, he guessed the other probably had freezing hands so he took off his gloves handing them to the brunet surprising him as he annoyingly muttered :"You're such a weakling, not even able to bear some cold weather, here take them .."

Dazai lightly chuckled at the other's dishonesty but had a better idea as he took only one glove putting it on his right hand then asked the ginger to wear the other one on his left hand. Chuuya did as he was told confusingly but had his cheeks painted in a deep red finally getting what the other wanted to do as he felt Dazai's left bare hand grabbing his right bare hand warming it in the way :"Now you won't try to refuse holding hands with me~"

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