We meet again

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Dazai was sitting in a calm bar, with a glass of liquor in his hand and his mind far away in his thoughts. He was pulled out of them when a young boy set beside him and only ordered for a cup of water then pulled his camera and swipped from a picture to the next one.

"Those pictures are pretty good, are you a photographer ?" The brunet asked drawing the boy's attention who was confused at a stranger addressing him then answered :"Thank you but i'm just an amateur, this is for my photography club that is about to shut due to the lack of members and activity unless we win something in the next days but i doubt i will make it with these ones ... i even lost my part time job since i spend all my time on this without forgetting that i have no relative around to ask for help. I can't even rely on my parents since i came to this high school against their will .." the ginger boy realized he was ranting to a complete stranger so he hurriedly apologized.

"Guess you really love what you do ..." Dazai muttered before he looks to his right side at the ginger then smiles :"I can help you win a contest ." Confusing the ginger :"How can you do that ?"

Dazai turned on his chair facing the other then lifted the glass to his mouth :"If you take a picture of me right now, i can assure you that you will win the contest you're participating in."

"And why is that ? What is so special about this picture ?" The ginger asked while doing as he was told and taking a picture of the other with his camera that slowly fell from his hands but fortunately not to the floor since it was around his neck as he heard him say :"Well, since it's the last picture of the man in front of you ."

"You're drunk ." The ginger muttered as he turned around but stopped at the other giggling :"You know, i just poured poison inside this glass and few seconds after drinking it, i'll die, isn't this like the best thing ever ?!"

"You're crazy ..." the ginger leaned forward trying to take the other's glass away from him :"If you don't believe me then why are you trying to take the glass away ?" The brunet asked chuckling at the other's serious reaction :"Because you're already drunk and drinking more will do you nothing good so please, give me the glass, sir."

"You wanna bet ?" Dazai suggested with a smirk then laughed at the other answering :"No, this is stupid !" Before he pushes the other with his right arm and finishes all the liquor in one gulp, the second after, he fell on the counter frightening the poor teenager who desperately tried to wake him up :"H ... hey ... Wake up ! You aren't serious, are you ??? Hey !!!"

No one could imagine the relief he felt when moments after, the brunet lifted his head directly staring at his cerulean orbs before he makes a shiver run down his spine as he lifted his hand entangling the other's soft ginger hair between his fingers that slowly found their way to the other's lips :"You are so beautiful ..." and the ginger's face instently turned to different shades of red. He forcefully pulled away confusing the brunet then grabbed his school bag and stormed out of the bar while thinking "Why did you even care about such a drunkard, Chuuya ?!"

"Hey .. wait !" At the other's voice, Chuuya fastened his pace but had to stop when the other grabbed his wrist forcefully :"What the hell is wrong with you, let me-"

"I wasn't lying, i really love you ." The brunet hushed doing his best not to let the other go while the ginger's cheeks flashed red again as he tried to pull his hand away :"You are drunk so let me go !! Oh god what did i get myself into ..."

"Look ..." Dazai grabbed the other's wrist tighter making him wince as he pulled his wallet with his free hand then helped himself with his mouth to open it and pull a business card from it :"You said you lost your job and you need to win something for you club and i can help you with both of them so here, take it ."

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