Dead Apple 'Interview'

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This one shot doesn’t contain major spoilers.

Let’s welcome the main cast of the new movie : Dead Apple !” Sakaguchi Ango was chosen to be the interviewer since he was both an actor and a journalist. The audience started cheering the moment the actors showed up. Dazai Osamu was the first one with his elegant looks making all the girls start fangirling then came Nakahara Chuuya with his too random looks , he was such a simple guy compared to the role he plays with his side ponytail and his random clothes, he recieved the same welcome then went  to stand beside the brunet. The next one was Akutagawa Ryunosuke, this one looked way too different since he didn’t have his white locks anymore, he still looked elegant nevertheless without forgetting that warm smile he was wearing. Nakajima Atsushi came right after but he also looked different since he cut his hair and he seemed pretty serious compared to his role … Kyouka Izumi looked as sweet as ever with her small pink dress, surprisingly, she also had short hair. The next two ones came in together both having elegant looks but short hair too, Dostoevsky Fyodor went to stand beside Kyouka then Shibusawa Tatsuhiko joined him.

They all stood there for a moment facing the audience then went to sit on the only big couch there in the same alignement but while facing Ango now. After the audience stopped cheering, the interviewer welcomed them a second time then started :“We will be using your characters names for this interview and now, let’s talk about what we will be doing today .” He took a remote and turned on a big screen there then carried on :“So your fans have been sending questions about each one of you since the past week and now we will be answering the ones that are lucky enough to be chosen by the draw but let’s first hear a word from you about the movie .

Since Atsushi was the main character, he was the one who answered :“It was such a good experience to work on this movie, everyone did their best to live up to our fans’s expectations and i hope you all will get to enjoy it. Well, i also hope that i will get to work with my colleagues here once again since we really became good friends after two seasons of the series, the ova and the movie .

So you are asking for a third season .” Ango asked but Atsushi and all the others only smiled at him making him turn to the audience :“Did you hear that ?” And they all started cheering then he added but lowly this time :“Did you hear that, mister director ?” Making the actors laugh then he hurriedly hushed :“Let’s start with what we had to do for today, i will give the remote to Dazai-kun first then it will pass by all of you and the last question will be chosen by me .. obviously .” They let out a weak chuckle again then he handed the remote to the brunet.

I wonder who will get the first question …” Dazai waited for a moment to raise the suspense in the audience then he pressed on a button and a lot of questions were fastly showing on the screen till it stopped on the question “To Chuuya : Are you gay ?” And all the girls in the audience started fangirling while the actors bursted out in laughters.

I’m suddenly really curious~” Dazai teased the ginger who sighed and turned to his colleagues :“Well … what do you think about it ?” Akutagawa was going to say something but he was interrupted by Shibusawa who teased :“Don’t try to escape the question, Chuuya-kun~” making all the audience laugh again.

So … if you’re talking about my role in the series then i may be-” and Chuuya didn’t get to carry on with all the girls screaming in the audience making him laugh then add :“If you’re talking about me then … who knows …” the audience started booing while Fyodor commented :“You’re so bad at escaping questions …” making the ginger hush :“What was i supposed to say ???

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