Nothing Really changed

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After pulling an all nighter to finish all his reports, a super exhausted Chuuya finally went back to his apartment that he used to share with his former partner, Dazai Osamu. It was pretty hard to live there alone after the other left but it has been almost five years and he eventually got used to coming home without hearing that teasing voice first thing or sleeping with a big warm body he could snuggle to.

He spent a typical afternoon by taking a shower, preparing something to eat then reading the book he started days ago in the veranda and finally going to take a nap but, as usual, there is no such a thing as a peaceful afternoon for a Mafia executive. His phone was ringing and what a worse way to ruin his afternoon other than reading "Mackerel" on the screen. He didn't want to pick up at first since he knew how much his partner is a trouble magnet, he still did it though because "He's so annoying ..." Chuuya lied to himself, he would never admit he missed hearing his voice, such a tsundere.

"What is it, waste of bandages ?" The ginger felt so annoyed at first but his mood hurriedly changed at the other's serious tone :"Chuuya, are you in the apartment ?" The ginger confusingly nodded then jumped the moment he heard :"Wait there, i'm coming ..." Chuuya was going to retort but got interrupted by the other adding :"By the way, i'm bringing some guests~" and the call ended.

All Chuuya could hear was silence, his mind though was screaming "Why ... why would he come here now of all times ?? What does he want ?! Maybe ... or no, he can't !! And guests ? What guests ?? Maybe someone from the ADA but why ?? ..." he kept on having questions with no answers that he didn't even realize when time passed till he heard a knock on his door making him jump from the bed. It's true that since there is a truce between their two organizations, they got to work together a lot lately "Just like the old days .." both of them would say, Chuuya even got to know and befriend the other members of the agency but still, suddenly having Dazai in the apartment where they shared a lot together sure is freaking him out.

Beside the door, the ginger hesitated for a moment as he repeated in his mind "Act natural, act natural, act natural !!" Then he took all his courage and pulled the door open in one move but he sure found it strange that only Dazai was behind it with his hypocrite smile and a second after he was inside the apartment looking around making the ginger hush :"Hey !! Don't just invite yourself inside someone's house !!"

"It's my house too ! I paid half of it !!" The brunet hushed in return as he stared at the changes in the house since it has been more than four years that he didn't come here. "You're the one who left it !! And ... left me with it ..." No way Chuuya would say that, instead, he closed the door then brought his attention to the brunet who went all serious as he leaned on the couch :"Actually, i came here because ..." Dazai told him how he met a certain ability user in the morning, they both met him when they used to work together in the Port Mafia but they never got to see him use his ability since the only one he got to touch was Elise and it didn't work on her. He still found a way to run away from the Port Mafia and when he met Dazai who forgot about him, he wanted to show him how much he changed by using his ability on him. "And as a result ..." the brunet added while opening the door confusing the ginger as he called someone to come in and three persons came in standing from the younger to the older one. Dazai went to stand between the scond and third one then smiled :"They all asked to see you so ... here we are~"




After a very long moment of utter silence from both parts, Chuuya processing what the hell is actually going on and the other four giving him different smiles, he finally remembered he held his breathe all this time so he breathed again and drove his gaze from the younger one who made him feel nostalgic and almost cry to the teenager who he didn't even dare to look at to the brunet and he sent him a death glare to the oldie who made him pretty confused and the other who noticed, smiled and cleared his confusion as he said :"52 years old ."

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