The Princess and The Mercenary *3*

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"Aaah .. oh god .. please .. Dazai .. i can't ... i can't take more of this ... aaah ..."

Dazai glared back at the ginger who kept whining since earlier for them to stop walking but what irritated him the most was the way he was doing it, he shook his head in a failed attempt to forget his dirty thoughts at the other's whimpers, he walked back to him then turned around and kneeled down :"Come, i will carry you on my back ."

"N .. no way i'm getting on your back ! It's embarassing ..." Chuuya averted the other's gaze who got up then smirked :"Ah so you want me to carry you like a princess, don't you~" the ginger couldn't even stop him when he lifted him bridal style and started walking again, he thought he would die from embarassement but this wasn't the only reason why he wanted the other to let him down :"B ... but didn't you get injured in your arm with those two guys earlier ??"

"I'm totally fine, it's just a small scratch, besides, i'm used to this ." The brunet tried to hide how hard it was for him to carry the other while they were walking in the mountain since the ginger wasn't that light :"Stop acting all tough and just let me down, i can walk by myself .." Chuuya slightly pushed the other forcing him to let him down :"I thought you were tired ."

"I ... i am ... and i know you are too with your injury that's why i kept asking you to take a break !!" Chuuya hushed at the mercenary who kept looking at the sky :"If i fall for your cute whimpers each time we will never reach our destination in due time ."

"I .. i was just asking !! Not pleading or whimpering !!!" A blush crossed Chuuya's cheeks before he remembers something as he followed the other who paid no attention to his words and walked away :"How ... how about those guys from earlier ? you forced me to go away first s ... so did you ..."

"I didn't kill them, Chuuya ." A soft smile found it's way to the brunet's lips :"They are young, poor and hopeless and they probably thought that we were an easy target and i don't really blame them ..." he looked down at the other making him look away :"Thank you very much for making me remember how weak i am in every chance you get ."

"It's only when you accept your weakness that you will be able to get stronger and for those kids, i sent them to someone who will probably help them since he likes helping orphans ." Dazai waited but the other kept pouting making no comment and he had to make it worse :"You see what is happening out there when you were in your castle enjoying your time and getting whatever you wanted by giving a simple order ?"

"What was i supposed to do ? Being born in the royalty wasn't my choice ... it's true that they were saying there were problems out there but they wouldn't even let me go out and just convinced me that by marrying that Prince, everyone will be happy ..." Chuuya's eyes teared up at a sudden thought crossing his mind :"If i get married with him, will everyone be really happy ?"

"If their happiness is when they are rich then yeah, i guess ... but .." Dazai smirked at the other :"If you knew that sacrificing your happiness will bring everyone else's happiness, will you marry that guy ?

Chuuya wasn't able to choose, days ago he wouldn't have hesitated to choose his own happiness but now that he saw how much their nation is suffering, he couldn't make a choice. He was pulled out of his thoughts when he felt some droplets on his face :"Not you too !!!" He complained at the raining sky then blushed when the brunet held his hand pulling him :"You should be happy since you're finally getting some time to rest ."

After they found a place where the rain wouldn't reach them, Chuuya set in a corner pulling his knees to his chest trying to warm up at the freezing weather. Dazai who noticed took off his coat then put it on the ginger's shoulders making him blush :"T .. take it back .. it's bad for you to stay so lightly clothed in such a cold weather ..."

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