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"And that was our prom make up tutorial! Thanks for watching!" Layla shut the laptop which immediately disconnected the web cam. I rolled my eyes.

"Remind me why you need me for every one of these again?" I asked and she turned to look at me with surprise, her blue eyes wide.

"Because you're beautiful and if I do the makeup on myself I end up looking weird," she added as an after thought.

Layla was a YouTube makeup guru; she did tutorials every week on hair, makeup and how to dress for a certain occasion. Unfortunately, she never did this to herself and always used me as her model. When I had told her that I was going to dip dye my hair she showed up with a video camera to show her subscribers how to do it.

"Thanks, and you don't look weird," she arched one of her perfectly plucked brows at me.

"Besides, you have that perfect figure skaters body so it works well when doing clothes. Don't moan! I'm getting you famous!" she replied excitedly and my mind unconsciously flicked back to Cooper last night. I wish I'd known the name of his band; I could've looked him up.

She spun around one more time on her office chair before jumping up and sauntering over to her wardrobe. Layla was a tall, model like brunette with amazingly blue eyes and a figure that most girls would kill for. I'd admit happily that I felt inferior when going out and about with her.

"Your hair hasn't faded yet," she commented, glancing over at me and I shrugged.

"I didn't do it long ago," she shrugged, turning back to her wardrobe, not even gracing with me a look in my direction.

"Help me!" she exclaimed after about ten minutes of just listening to her IPod. I'd lain back on her bed and was humming along with her music when she had her outburst.

"What's the matter?" I sat up to find her with her hands on her hips, staring impatiently into her wardrobe.

"I have to meet Joshua tonight and I have nothing to wear!" she had to be kidding, she had pretty much the entire stock of Top Shop in her wardrobe, and there was no way that she had nothing to wear. I hadn't heard of Joshua yet either but I guessed that I would soon enough.

I got up and joined her in front of her wardrobe.

"Wear that top that you wore to the leaving party a few months ago and those tight Bershka jeans," I advised. I knew that she wouldn't actually wear what I suggested but she'd assure me that I had made a good choice anyway.

"I love that idea but I was planning to go for something a little more elegant," what did I tell you?

"Who's Joshua anyway?" I quizzed when I had fled to the bed so I could avoid her tantrum.

"Oh, just this guy I met at the shop," she dismissed as if it was nothing. She was the girl that was always going out with 'just some guy' from work. She worked as a waitress in the local cafe so was always picking up touristy guys that wanted to see the sights of the town. As per usual the only sights they saw were inside her bedroom.

"He's cute," she assured me afterwards, I didn't answer, only nodded. There was no point trying to talk to her when she was like this anyway, she was in her own little world of clothes and shoes. I envied her in a way, the clothes, shoes and perfumes were the only things that she had to worry about, and everything else in her life fell into place. She had amazing parents, a no limit credit card and was getting whoever she wanted, whenever she wanted. She even managed to get eleven GCSEs with practically no revision.

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