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Chapter 19

"B-bail?" I stuttered. How could he get bail? How was it even possible that he could get out so soon? I felt my throat close up as Cooper escorted me to the sofa, not taking his hand from mine once.

"We just need to go through this, Allison. There is no need to worry," he started; his voice was surprisingly calm whilst Inspector Skid was still looking out of the window. Victor, on the other hand, was watching me with worry spread throughout his entire expression.

"No need to worry?" I squeaked and Inspector Mark's expression softened.

"No," he paused. "Your father is allowed out of the police station on two conditions," he stopped, checking that I was keeping up, so I nodded whilst squeezing Cooper's hand.

"The first condition is that he returns to the police station every night at five o'clock to keep his bail condition," Inspector Skid cut in and I glanced over at the plump man. He looked completely uninterested in the situation and was glancing around as if he wanted to be somewhere else.

"And the second is that he stays away from you," Inspector Marks finished, handing me a piece of paper that was my restraining order.

What would happen if he did see me or find me? He'd kill me before they had the chance to put him back in jail. I handed the paper back and remained silent.

"And if he breaks either of the conditions then he goes back to jail, right?" Cooper asked, glancing at me and then back at the other men.

Victor nodded, giving me an encouraging smile whilst Inspector Marks sat down on the other arm chair. He rested his elbows on his knees and looked at me with a confident stare.

"Yes, we won't hesitate to lock him back up, don't worry about that," he replied, the police authority had returned to his voice.

"When is this going to court?" I asked and he sighed, shaking his head.

"We haven't set a date yet and we need to conduct some more interviews and examinations before we can actually take this case to court," he replied and Inspector Skid just shook his head, running his hand down his long face.

"Look, Allison. There isn't anything that we can do at the moment. We don't know when the court case is going to be and we aren't sure why he might be getting bail. It wasn't our decision and if it was, he would be in there until he rots. But there is nothing that we can do about this, so please, don't worry and let us handle it," he looked sincere and Cooper was staring him in absolute shock. That was the most that I'd heard him say since we met him.

"Thank you," was all that I could croak out, still surprised by what he had said and the fact that he actually cared.

"You're most welcome. We have to get back to the station but we will keep you posted," he told us and started towards the door, followed by Inspector Marks.

When the policemen had gone it was silent. Only Victor, Cooper and I were left in the front room as Sadie had left to sort dinner out.

"I'm sorry, Ally," Victor replied in a soft voice, looking at me sadly so I smiled at him.

"Victor, it's not your fault, its fine," he smiled weakly before making his way out of the room to help his wife with the cooking.

Cooper sat forward and sighed, running his hand through his hair which just made it look tousled.

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