Amorous | n.s by keepingupwidnarry
Amorous | n.sby Ri 🌹
amorous : (ˈam(ə)rəs/) adjective • showing, feeling, or relating to sexual desire. the one with Harry as an actor and Niall is a golf player Look inside for description...
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EIGHTEEN  by -saenpai
EIGHTEEN by izzy 🤠
What's life if you can't have a little fun? Adventures of wild teenage boys with too much time on their hands. lowercase intended Started: 3/18/17 Ended: -/-/- @signmeup...
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I Love What I See (girlxgirl) by freez010013
I Love What I See (girlxgirl)by Em🦋🏳️‍🌈
Jolene Corrigan is just your average teenage lesbian trying to make her way through life, until she meets someone who changes everything. She starts talking to someone w...
  • golf
  • teenromance
  • highschool
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Cowboy - tyler the creator fanfic by Ladyy_J
Cowboy - tyler the creator fanficby Ladyy_J
book on hold
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  • future
  • wolf
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Love On The Green by HannahTheMermaid
Love On The Greenby Hannah Fernandez
Jenna Williams is not your average twenty two year old girl. Instead of partying until four in the morning, you can find her just waking up at four, getting ready to sta...
  • golf
  • humor
  • romance
Just say it //Brannie// by FlippinLily
Just say it //Brannie//by FlippinLily
《Completed》#933 in fanfiction! Annie's POV I can't believe I just kissed him. Well sort of. Does that mean I like him? I cant, can i? Did I just mess this whole friends...
  • brennandonnelly
  • school
  • gymnastics
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IFHY // T.C.  {non-regular updates} by uzishoulders
IFHY // T.C. {non-regular updates}by blond
Who would have guessed that a goofy, depressed, 19 year old wanna-be rapper could turn her world upside down, then rightside up again. Not Mars, that's for sure. start...
  • tyler
  • campfloggnaw
  • tylerthecreator
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Spooky Stories for the Soul by AJoumaa
Spooky Stories for the Soulby AJoumaa
A variety of random spooky short stories leading to an anthology.
  • stories
  • suspense
  • good
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Texting// T. T. C by fuckingtriggered
Texting// T. T. Cby Papá rosa oro
Unknown: Nut in my ear and suck mayonnaise off my toes ugh 699-420-1893: Nigga what the fuck lmao
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  • golf
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Press Room by sport
Press Roomby Sport
Press Room brings you the most significant news on main sporting events. We cover news on WWE, Formula 1, Tennis, Cycling, Boxing, Baseball and a variety of games and in...
  • week
  • wwe
  • tennis
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Life With Narry by harrywavycurly
Life With Narryby sarahjay92
A series of stories based off what it would be like if you just so happen to be best friends with Niall and Harry.
  • niallhoran
  • comedy
  • imagines
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In which two best friends catch feelings.
  • frankocean
  • cute
  • oddfuture
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The Unknown  Krzyzewski by Tlg1115
The Unknown Krzyzewskiby Tlg1115
Tatum Johnson is a world class golfer with all kinds of history. Maybe the one thing people don't know about her? She's a Krzyzewski. One that just so happens to fall in...
  • nba
  • dukebasketball
  • basketball
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Stray Dogs by lyttlejoe
Stray Dogsby lyttlejoe
Gordon Hardy stood on the edge of the sidewalk, squinting across the street at the physical embodiment of his fantasy-the Posada de Jardines-the Garden Inn. His own hote...
  • golf
  • maids
  • private
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A Tendency to Slice by KeithJohnson135
A Tendency to Sliceby Keith Johnson
Sometimes you have to set things straight, just like a good golf swing.
  • ghosts
  • golf
The Intern (A Justin Thomas & Rickie Fowler Fanfic) by jchughes
The Intern (A Justin Thomas & Carrington Hughes
As Lilly starts her internship, she is hopeful to find love as well over the summer. She knows deep down that with her busy schedule, love will more than likely not blos...
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