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About (Harry Styles) by emmawrites1D
About (Harry Styles)by Emma
But I know I can't be that for him. Because every time he looks at me, I'm never gonna be home for him. I'll always be someone who reminds him of what he did. And to...
Taking Chances by NicoleSantos473
Taking Chancesby Nickz
Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones just divorced from her husband and met a girl that turned her world around. Two lives intertwined, two different women brought together by f...
Beating You by Lilohorse
Beating Youby Kate
If you mentioned Ally Scythe to someone, they'd say one of three things. 1) That girl can skate. 2) Doesn't she work at the bookshop? or 3) Poor thing, her mother's deat...
Clique: Tyler, The Creator by RadicalMisfits
Clique: Tyler, The Creatorby des*~
[COMPLETED] Salem moves to university, finally away from all the small minded people of her small town; and she's going to UCLA, her dream school. Moving into the dorm...
Love Advice by TheAbsoluteSword
Love Adviceby TheAbsoluteSword
After coming home from school late, Yuzu accidentally interrupts an interesting chat between her lover and her mother
A Norton Campbell x Reader (identity v) by dignus_bingus
A Norton Campbell x Reader ( dignus_bingus
a basic norton campbell x reader x naib subedar story with some conflict.
Jack Daniel's: a one in one story 😍✨ by ismynameactuallyella
Jack Daniel's: a one in one ismynameactuallyella
Jacob has a normal life until, dun, dun, daaaaaa... Danny the new kid 👦 arrives at big bobs correction facility. Jacob is head over heels 👠 for Danny but does he feel...
Texting// T. T. C by fuckingtriggered
Texting// T. T. Cby papá rosa oro
Unknown: Nut in my ear and suck mayonnaise off my toes ugh 699-420-1893: Nigga what the fuck lmao
Remembrance ~ Glamrock Freddy x Glamrock Bonnie <3 by froggywonderrs_
Remembrance ~ Glamrock Freddy x froggywonderrs
AMAZING COVER IS FANART DONE BY @LadySkeletøn ON TWITTER! GO CHECK THEM OUT!! What ever happened to Bonnie? He was loved by all, and would never purposefully hurt himsel...
Stuck In The Middle With You by kywildcat28
Stuck In The Middle With Youby kywildcat28
To Ebony, nothing is worse than being the middle child. At least that's what she thinks until she escapes her crazy home life, and goes on vacation with the boys next do...
Holiday Ruse by seriesfreak
Holiday Ruseby seriesfreak
In South Korea, Chuseok holiday is reserved for family, friends, and food. It's no different for Yoo family. This year, the family expects Yoo Jin Woo to come with his l...
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Sinker by FordLikesMoaiAndGolf
Sinkerby EnbyMoai3
In Bonesborough, Connecticut, a golf course opens for the public! Visitors from the Demon Realm and the Human Realm can join from anywhere, anytime! The Bonesborough Inv...
In which two best friends catch feelings.
Death By Romance by Lombard7
Death By Romanceby aj Lombardi
Faithful husband and family man Bob is invited to a charity event at a famous golf club house. At the cocktail hour he encounters a beautiful stranger. After a few...
Fainting by liyagiva
Faintingby Abigail
Allison Parker is living her everyday life when she suddenly finds herself in an ambulance. She's told that she fainted. After seeing the doctor in the ER, however, she'...
We'll Run When the Rain Stop's (One Direction Fan Story) by ThatOlivia
We'll Run When the Rain Stop's ( Olivia Jane
Olivia and Her friends are just a bunch of 'Normal' Teenage girls, they Laugh alot and constally tease each other. but what happens when 5 boys barrel into their lives...
The Runaway 𓃱 jj maybank by NzSLpZ
The Runaway 𓃱 jj maybankby mp3
you runaway from your home back in charlotte NC and make your way to outerbanks in SC and you bump into some teenagers in a VW van while running from the cops what will...
Wolf | Tyler, The Creator by ccactusjack
Wolf | Tyler, The Creatorby Jack
Based on albums by Tyler, the Creator Following the death of his Grandmother, Wolf is sent to Camp Flog Gnaw. Bikes, Girls, Fights, Lakes, Parties, Cars, Drugs...everyth...