About (Harry Styles) by emmawrites1D
About (Harry Styles)by Emma
But I know I can't be that for him. Because every time he looks at me, I'm never gonna be home for him. I'll always be someone who reminds him of what he did. And to...
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Jasmine, dono di Dio by BahiraM
Jasmine, dono di Dioby Bahira M
Jasmine Torriani è una ragazza italiana di sedici anni che vive a Milano. Anche se ha perso il padre quando era una bambina affronta la vita con responsabilità e intelli...
  • bullismo
  • amore
  • gialli
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Just a Little Loser | A Loser X Cake Fanfic by FireyPassion
Just a Little Loser | A Loser X FireyPassion
Cake and his big sister Pie have opened up their new bake shop! The shop is starting off great, soon making it a go-to place in their city! A celebrity comes to town and...
  • cake
  • leafy
  • losercake
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Clique: Tyler The Creator by RadicalMisfits
Clique: Tyler The Creatorby mon amour
[COMPLETED] Salem moves to university, finally away from all the small minded people of her small town; and she's going to UCLA, her dream school. Moving into the dorm...
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Yellow (Tyler, The Creator Fan Fic)  by tuckfyler
Yellow (Tyler, The Creator Fan tuckfyler
"Yellow is the brightest color, yellow is my favorite fucking color. She was my yellow."
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He's a hole in one |Rickie Fowler|  by alex12244
He's a hole in one |Rickie Fowler| by Alex
Alex has been forced to go to many golf tournaments in the past, as her dad is an announcer. She's stayed away from the golf scene for a while, finding it, and I quote...
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  • thomas
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Press Room by sport
Press Roomby Sport
Press Room presents our Book of the Month selection and YOUR reviews on sporting events. Are you knowledgeable in sports? Is there a significant event near you? Would yo...
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  • worldcup
  • wrestling
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Love Sick : História de Earn e Pete by gustavoshingyouji
Love Sick : História de Earn e Peteby gustavoshingyouji
Você já imaginou em ver uma continuação desse casal que terminou de certa forma vago na série tailandesa Love Sick ? Ou até mesmo uma nova temporada com eles focalizados...
  • gay
  • homossexual
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Tales by mchawkinsauthor
Talesby MC Hawkins
A simple farmer receives a horse from the gods, the demolition of a hotel brings an old horror to light, a wounded soldier finds the real enemy is in his own camp, and a...
  • spooky
  • magicalrealism
  • roalddahl
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Amorous | n.s by keepingupwidnarry
Amorous | n.sby Ri 🌹
amorous : (ˈam(ə)rəs/) adjective • showing, feeling, or relating to sexual desire. the one with Harry as an actor and Niall is a golf player Look inside for description...
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Why I Quit by mir801
Why I Quitby Miranda
This is the story of why I quit a sport I love. I have never really talked about why I quit but I thought it would be good to finally let it out.
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Panex VP: Christopher Link of Bowling Green, KY by chrislinkbowlinggree
Panex VP: Christopher Link of Christopher Link Bowling Gree...
Christopher Link of Bowling Green, KY is a gas and oil expert and accomplished businessman in the energy industry. He currently serves as Vice President of Public Relati...
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