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Beating You by Lilohorse
Beating Youby Kate
If you mentioned Ally Scythe to someone, they'd say one of three things. 1) That girl can skate. 2) Doesn't she work at the bookshop? or 3) Poor thing, her mother's deat...
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Peach x Bowser by Romanreed
Peach x Bowserby Romanreed
What if Mario was a villain? What if Peach and Bowser were in love? What if Bowser only "kidnapped" Peach to spend time with her? This fanfiction answers these...
My Headcanons by mintyfresh-
My Headcanonsby Peppermint Fizz
Headcanons for The Sugar Rush Racers, Wreck it Ralph, and some Strawberry Shortcake.
The Koopa King and His Baker by dragonlady405
The Koopa King and His Bakerby The lady of the dragons
A young girl by the name of Jacklynn opens a bakery and on the opening day runs into trouble with the Koopa King. Read more to find out what happens. This is completely...
Cars (Mario Kart style) by Iv20001291
Cars (Mario Kart style)by Isaac2234
The movie Cars, starring Mario and the gang!
Cars 2 (Mario Kart style) by Iv20001291
Cars 2 (Mario Kart style)by Isaac2234
The sequel to my Cars (Mario Kart style) story. But unlike the first one, there will be some changes to this story.
Less Than Three by Loch_Nessie_Monster_
Less Than Threeby Ness
Love triangles are a very common trope, but the obvious solution is always ignored. Polyamory, baby! Over the course of one year, relationships change from childhood fr...
Love at First Dash by Jake8094
Love at First Dashby Jake8094
The first Double Dash race is coming up, Princess Daisy comes to join the race. Leading to the meeting of a tomboy princess and a plumber in green. Will it be just a rac...
Rainbow Road [Super Mario Bros.] by kimcgray95
Rainbow Road [Super Mario Bros.]by Kimiko
A racetrack in space? Coddleswap. Rainbow Road is much more than that: it's the salaryman's highway from the ground to Orbit City, and this year, Mario and Luigi are tak...
Short Romance Stories by HowDoISpace
Short Romance Storiesby Gail Banks
Love, drama, relationships... Mostly fluff. Short romances that I've concocted in this strange, wonderful place called my brain. (I'm attempting to have a story every F...
Mario Kart & Pizza Bites  « Ryan Blaney » by BlaneysBabyGirl12
Mario Kart & Pizza Bites « Ryan Mandy.
Courtney gets the invite to Bubba's 25th 90s themed birthday party. She's hesitant to go, but once she lays eyes on the boy in the acid washed jeans, Pizza Planet shirt...
Waluigi x female!reader by JyxiaB
Waluigi x female!readerby Jyxia
You were playing a Mario game one morning, but never predicted it to become more real than ever...
Top Favorite Mario Kart Music Tracks by 5wilsonr
Top Favorite Mario Kart Music Ryan Wilson
I've been a major fan of the Mario Kart series ever since I was little. My 1st Mario Kart game was Mario Kart Wii for Nintendo Wii, and I played the heck out of it. Fr...
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Quotes by Kitty (and Naydra) by Ed_Wheezer
Quotes by Kitty (and Naydra)by Kitty
I had too many quotes chapters in my random book, so I decided to make a separate book for them! These are just the spontaneous moments Naydra and I have while playing g...
Switching it Up. by blitz233
Switching it Blitz
This book is all Nintendo Switch. Here I'll be talking about theories for games on the system, reviewing games, and doing a broad amount of other things. There will als...
Mario & Luigi by enjoy_the_misery
Mario & Luigiby Yes
An iconic duo. A forbidden love. Taste the beginning of a budding romance, forbidden from blossoming by societal--and digital--expectations. The love you thought you kne...
mario shart x reader by rokeeisme
mario shart x readerby leah
hope you enjoy! the romance that lies between you and mario becomes to hard to resist shortly after mario decides to do some questionable things. but shortly after every...
Mario Kart Racers by Michaelelmore9
Mario Kart Racersby Wildman
What if Mario Kart had an actual campaign? This is how I think that story would go. A mysterious shadowy figure has gather some of the greatest racers in the Nintendo Un...
The MariCar Date by Yu-Biny
The MariCar Dateby Taoqi
A short story: Jungkook and Taehyung leave their responsibilities in South Korea and escape to Tokyo, Japan for a nice getaway. (I wrote this for a class writing assign...