Facebook Status by Dee_aaH
Facebook Statusby Dee_aaH
Even only seeing your smile in secret way With little joke you sent It warms me inside Your presence is present ----secret admirer---- It is better to hide the feeling I...
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Shining Stones(BTS Fanfictions/ Short Stories) by EdgesOFme
Shining Stones(BTS Fanfictions/ OnPoint#Trippin
If I hadn't have asked you that day, today will not be what I know called "unrequited love". If I have kept my mouth shut, I wouldn't be in pain that I do not...
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Beating You by Lilohorse
Beating Youby Kate
If you mentioned Ally Scythe to someone, they'd say one of three things. 1) That girl can skate. 2) Doesn't she work at the bookshop? or 3) Poor thing, her mother's deat...
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