Hello, my amazing readers! This is a little bit of a bonus chapter in Victor, Cooper's Dad point of view. A few people asked for it so I thought that I might as well :) It's only short though so sorry about that :) Also, someone made a beautiful banner for me but they didn't leave their name in the email. Anybody that does leave me a banner or cover will get a chapter dedicated to them! Thank you all so much for the reading, comments and votes, it means so much! So please continue to do so!:)

Chapter 16 (Victor’s POV bonus chapter)

I ran my hand down my face and sat back in the armchair. Sadie watched me with a wary expression before putting her hand on my arm in a form of comfort.

“People like that make me sick, she’s an amazing girl and they do that to her, I can’t stand it,” I repeated for the second time and Sadie nodded.

“You get people like that, Victor. But at least she was brave enough to come to us about this,” she said soothingly and I nodded. She was brave. Unbelievably brave. A lot of kids go through the abuse and keep quiet about it for years, move out and still never tell anybody. I didn’t think that they realised someone could help them.

“I’m going to call the social services. That man is going behind bars,” I growled, picking up my coffee to calm me down.

We would be able to get Ally a lawyer, but I didn’t know how much of the case we would win. If he pleaded guilty then he’d be able to get some time off the actual sentence. But if he pleaded not guilty then the poor girl would have to go through a court case as well. I sighed and put my cup down, running my hand through my hair.

“What if they move her to a foster home?” my wife asked me. I shook my head.

“She can stay here, we have room and that way she can stay close to Cooper. She’s going to need support and moving away isn’t going to give her that.”

I walked over to the wall and grabbed the phone from the holder. I hated to make this phone call. Hell, I hated seeing kids come into my emergency room with broken arms and ribs. There was always some that came in and then the next week you find out that they had passed away, some parents were sick.

I dialled the number of the social services that I had tattooed into my mind and waited for the phone to ring. Sadie gave me an encouraging look and squeezed my shoulder before leaving the room to go upstairs and check on Ally.

“Hello?” There was an answer after the third ring and I sighed, mainly a sigh of relief.

“Hello, my name is Victor Tirrans and I would like to report a severe child abuse case.”

There was a pause on the other end of the line and then some tapping of a keyboard.

“Certainly, Mr Tirrans. Please hold and I will pass you over to our specialist,” she replied automatically and I smiled.

“Thank you.”

I waited a few minutes and listened to the infuriating hold music until I heard the phone pick up and then someone clear their throat.

“Mr Tirrans, my name is Inspector Marks; I’ve been informed that you’re reporting a child abuse case?” The voice was husky and I leaned against the wall, feeling it cold against my shoulder.

“Yes, that’s correct. The child in question is currently in a safe location and I would like to report a Mr David Scythe as the abuser,” I replied. I made these types of phone calls a lot from the hospital and had dealt with Inspector Marks before, he knew what he was doing and I was confident that he’d get Ally the justice she deserved.

“We shall process that now. We are taking this phone call very seriously and shall be sending an inspector out now. You said that the child in question is in a place of safety, where is that exactly?” He asked me.

“My home, with my family. The girl’s name is Allison Scythe and I would like this dealt with as quickly as possible.” I replied firmly.

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