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                I turned the light on and smiled at Cooper before making my way over to the coffee machine in the corner.

                “Do you want a coffee?” I asked, he answered with a nod and continued to look around. His eyes skimmed over all the frames and photographs, stopping on one of my least favourite pictures.

                I put the money in the machine, bringing it to life just as Cooper turned, pointing at the same photo.

                “Is this your Dad?” I flinched at the mention of him, trying to get the picture of his evil face out of my head. Before walking over, I took a deep breath and brought a smile to my face.

                “Yep.” I finally looked at the photo that was in the frame. It was taken when I was about eight and we had all taken a family trip out to the Eden Project to use the Ice Rink and look at all the plants.

                The young girl in the picture was smiling, happiness lighting up all of her features. My Dad was stood behind her, holding her in a loving embrace whilst my Mum was holding onto his side and grinning. I looked at the girl again, not believing how innocent and naive she was. This girl thought that she was loved; she thought her life was perfect and that it would never change.  She had no idea that in two years time the man standing behind her would turn on her and that the angelic woman beside him would be gone from her life forever. The little girl in the picture was of course me but I wasn’t the same person anymore, my life had changed so much since that day and the girl in the photo deserved to stay happy, frozen where life was at its best.

                I shook my head, causing Cooper to look at me with a concerned glance. I smiled at him and returned to the coffee machine to get our drinks.

                “You never talk about him.” He noted, taking the cup from me. I hoped that he didn’t notice how every single muscle in my body tensed and how every hair on my arms rose. His fingers brushed mine, causing tingles to flood my skin before I put the cup to my lips and sat down on the sofa.

                I shrugged, letting the softness of the sofa relax me.

                “He’s not exactly my favourite topic of conversation.” Not a lie. Cooper didn’t seem satisfied with my answer but accepted it none the less and plopped down on the seat next to me, resting his arm over the back and brushing my bare shoulder with his fingers.

                “Won’t your parents be worried if you’re not home?” I asked, drinking the rest of my drink, allowing the heat to spread through and warm my body.

                “Nope, I’m staying at Josh’s this weekend.” I turned towards him, curling one of my legs under the other.

                “I think he’d probably be glad that you’re not home then.” My voice took a teasing tone causing him to grin.

                “I’m glad! The walls are like paper, you can hear everything.” I scrunched my nose up, squealing at him to stop.

                “I really don’t want to know!” I put my cup down on the floor and covered my ears. He laughed, setting his cup down on the table.

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