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Chapter 31

The police station was a lot darker than I remembered. I wasn’t sure whether it was the fact that I knew he was in there, or if it was just that I was so shaken up, everything seemed dark and fuzzy.

Cooper had to wait outside whilst I was questioned about the situation. In the end, Inspector Marks came out and insisted that he had to go in on his own and give a statement whilst I was giving mine. I would’ve preferred to have him in there with me, but according to Inspector Skid, we could share stories and make something up.

Inspector Skid was sitting on the other side of the table, running his plump hands down his face. I hadn’t been interviewed properly by him, only Inspector Marks and the policeman that had scared me out of my wits. Luckily, I kept my hands under the cool metal of the table so that he couldn’t see my nervous fidgeting.

“Ally, I’m sorry that we have to put you through another interview, but I’d like to think of this as a good thing,” he replied in a calm tone, causing me to raise my eyes to look at him.

“I know, it should help my case,” I repeated Inspector Marks’ words from when we were in the car on the way to the station. The man in front of me nodded, a small smile playing on his lips.

“Yes, it will,” he agreed. I watched as he pulled a familiar looking clipboard out of a filing cabinet in the corner.

When he sat back down, I took a deep breath. My hands were still shaking and my heart still wanted to leap from my chest and get away from everything. Much like the rest of me did.

“Right, so where were you when you first noticed your father?” the inspector questioned when he had set the paper up. Another lady had entered the room to witness the interview.

“In Fore Street,” I answered easily. He nodded and the woman wrote down the information. Inspector Skid must’ve noticed my confused expression because he smiled.

“Ally, I would like you to meet Christine, she currently works as a social worker and is your Lawyer’s wife. Unfortunately Mr Banks couldn’t be here today so she will be taking notes for him. Is that okay?” I nodded, not wanting to do anything more but smile at the lady and get out of the room as soon as possible.

“Okay, so why were you in the Fore Street area?” he asked, posing his own pencil above the paper.

“I was looking for Richard with Cooper,” I replied and then noticed the inspector’s confused look so I smiled. “Richard is our friend’s cat,” I quickly clarified. The man smiled to himself as he wrote the information down and glanced over at Christine who kept shooting me pitying looks, which only irritated me.

“What was your reaction when you first noticed that your father was in the same area as you?” he asked and I sighed, embarrassed.

“Well, I froze. I hoped that he wouldn’t see me,” I muttered but had to repeat it louder so that Christine could write it down.

“Okay, and what was your father’s reaction to the encounter?”

“He glared, walked across the road and I thought he was going to come at me,” I replied, causing him to flinch. I pretended not to notice.

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