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Chapter 28 Cooper POV

Ally and I had managed to get back to Chester with minimal problems from her ass of an ex and bitch of a best friend. Daryl was always a jerk in school anyway, but to seeing him play Ally about just made me angry.

“I don’t think I should drive,” I admitted sheepishly and she grinned. I wondered if she knew the affect that a smile had on her face, it lit up and made her absolutely beautiful.

“I’ll drive, just give me the keys,” she smirked and I hung my head in shame. I hadn’t let anyone but my dad drive my car and I was about to let Ally. I took the keys out from my back pocket and held them up in the air, a few feet above her and she laughed.

“Someone’s stubborn,” she winked, causing me to grin and give her a kiss before pressing my trusty keys into her palm.

“Take care of him,” I whispered and she laughed, strolling around to the other side of my car.

The only time that I had been in my passenger seat was when I was detaching the door and fitting the radio so it felt strange when I lowered myself into the comfortable seat.

I watched as Ally carefully put the key in and started the car. I almost laughed out loud at how fragile she was treating my car. She shot a sideways glance at me and flushed.

“I know how much you love this thing!” she exclaimed as if that explained everything so I smiled, leaning my head back on the headrest and closing my eyes.

I felt the engine roar to life from underneath us and the car move to the right, out onto the road.

Ally had one hand on the wheel and the other was resting on her thigh, tapping a tune. I soon realised that she was tapping along to one of the songs that Avenue had performed earlier that night. I forgot how excited I was when we found out that there was an agent coming to the concert. I hadn’t told Ally, I thought that I’d wait until we got back to Josh’s. Whether Josh was actually going back to his house or not was still unknown.

“You still owe me a CD, by the way,” Ally noted from beside me and I smiled.

“I know, I’ll burn one for you,” she looked at me horrified until I warned her to keep her eyes on the road.

“Burn?” she asked, her voice took a slightly high pitched tone to it. I chuckled softly, running two of my fingers through the purple tipped strands at the end of her blonde hair.

“Yep, put music files from a computer onto a disk,” I shrugged and she laughed.

“I thought you meant burn, as in burn!” I grinned and shook my head, trailing my hand down her arm.

“No, not quite,” she smirked and passed the corner, driving onto Josh’s street.

The air inside the flat was warm when I walking in behind Ally, watching her hips sway hypnotically.

I grabbed her hand and gently pressed her to the passage wall, being careful not to hurt her. I felt her hot breath against my cheek so I smiled and pressed my forehead against hers.

“I have news,” I replied in a soft tone and she smiled, gently kissing my lips whilst I trailed my hands up and down the curve of her waist.

“Good news, I hope,” she whispered and I grinned, showing her that my news was good.

“Yep, an agent came to watch our performance tonight,” she gasped and threw her arms around my neck.

“That is amazing! Are they going to take you on? Am I going to be dating a pop star?” she blurted and I laughed, trying to tackle all of her questions in one.

“We don’t know until they call us in a few months time to let us know,” I paused and she pulled away from me to lean on the opposite wall. “And yes, you will be dating a pop star,” I added, feeling satisfaction when she smiled.

Ally strolled into the living room and it wasn’t long before I heard her scoff. I guessed that Josh had done the usual and left something gross on her favourite armchair. “Hey, Richard,” I muttered when I felt the cat pushing himself against my leg.

I sat down on the sofa with Ally and wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

“When is Josh coming back?” she asked whilst resting her head on my side.

“I’m not sure, he’ll probably be at some girl’s house,” I shrugged.

Ally let out a small breath, pulling herself away from me so that she could sit facing me with her legs crossed.

“Does Josh like Lisa?” she asked and I frowned. Josh had mentioned Lisa a couple times but I had always told him to shut up because she was my sister and if he was fanaticising about her, I really didn’t want to know about it.

“Well, he hasn’t really said much, but he likes her as in friend,” I shrugged. Ally groaned, leaning back so that her head was on the arm of the sofa.

“Why?” I asked after a moment of looking her over and finding her hazel eyes looking back at me.

“Well, I think that Lisa might like him,” she sighed, running her hand down her face.

“Do you think that you could find out for me?” She added and I raised a quizzical eyebrow. I really didn’t want to give Josh the whole ‘if you hurt my little sister, I’ll hurt you’ speech again. I had known the guy since Primary school, he wouldn’t deliberately hurt anyone, but he was a player.

“I could try,” I attempted a small smile and she nodded, sitting back up and pressing a kiss to my lips.

“Thank you,” she whispered and got up to go to the bathroom.

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