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"You're getting better," I noted as Cooper moved his skates rhythmically along the ice. I watched as he got closer, wearing a smug grin. His arms snaked around my waist and he pressed a kiss to my lips. I moved my hand up his back into the soft curls of his hair at the nape of his neck. His sharp intake of breath reminded me that we were on the ice and couldn't tease each other too much.

It had been three years since I'd last faced my dad and that was when we were in court. I didn't want to go and see him, but I did send him a letter to thank him for what he did. He sent one back, it wasn't very long, but it touched the heart strings. He just told me that he was sorry for what happened and that he had a lot of time to think about our past. He said to try and forget what he did because he was too ashamed and that I should only remember the good times, like when we went ice skating. I sent him the picture in return, which he didn't reply to.

Due to him pleading guilty, he only faced fifteen years instead of a seventeen which was what my lawyer had predicted.

"Getting better? Did you not see that twist I did?" Cooper exclaimed, resting his hands on my hips as I shifted my skates so that I could glide backwards.

"Yep, I saw, but your leg wasn't straight," I winked, giving him a teasing look before setting off.

After the court case was finished, I had gone back to work and started to save to pay for my university tuition. Sadie had helped me sort out some student loans and there was some money left from my mum's life insurance so I had enough to go. I applied to Bath Spa University to do English Literature and I had never been happier.

Unfortunately, Cooper's band hadn't gotten their record deal so Cooper also decided to apply for Bath, but in their music department.

The familiar air set through my hair, attacking and stinging my cheeks. The skates urged me to jump and I completed three small waltz jumps before twisting to look at Cooper.

He had cut his hair a little shorter and had been working out since we arrived in Bath. We'd rented a flat that was next to the gym so whilst he went weight lifting, I went swimming with Emily.

Emily was a girl that I met in English Lit, she offered me the seat next to her at the start of the year and she'd quickly become one of my closest friends.

"Show off," Cooper muttered, sliding over to me and pinning me back against the side of the rink. The only reason we were able to skate when people weren't around, was because I'd managed to get myself a job at the local rink. The owner wasn't as nice as Linda, but at least the walls weren't coated with my past.

"Green isn't a good shade on you," I whispered, pressing my forehead to his. He smirked and kissed the numb tip of my nose.

"I'm far from jealous, I'd like to see you try to play my guitar," he joked, running his fingers along my bare back under my top, making my skin jump. I was about to open my mouth when he cut me off. "Smoke on the water doesn't count," he added and I groaned, pushing at his chest, which was a lot firmer than when we'd been in Truro.

"Get a room!" Emily and Duncan hollered from the doorway, letting the door slam behind them. I hadn't even heard them come in.

Duncan was Emily's twin brother and was also very hot. They both liked to ice skate and Duncan was absolutely amazing at it so would go through some lifts with me for fun. Cooper was jealous at first because Duncan's hands were pretty much all over me, a week after, he'd revealed that he was gay. As much as I had always wanted a gay best friend for stereotypical fashion advice, I'd soon learned that not all gays were like Gok Wan. Duncan had just as much fashion sense as a monkey and always looked like he'd gotten dressed in the dark.

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