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Once inside the pavilion I decided to try and find the nearest sofa that I could crash on, I knew that there was a sofa in the back entrance to the stage so I pushed the door open with my foot and closed it behind me.

I turned the light on nearest the door and looked around. It looked a lot cleaner without all the leads. The floor was visible and a nice brown colour, the walls were a light peach colour. The coffee machine was making a buzzing noise so I walked over and put a fifty pence piece into the slot before ordering the cappuccino.

I walked over and dropped into the soft brown sofa that was situated in the far corner near the coffee machine. It was nice and plush, sinking beneath me when I moved so that I was sat comfortably. I wondered what my Mum would think if she knew that I was sleeping on the sofa in the pavilion because my Dad couldn’t bare to have me in the house at the same time as his friends. I was that much of a disgrace to him. I tried to push the thought to the back of my head but it didn't work, it was still playing on my mind when I changed into my leggings.

I did the usual of tying my hair up and grabbing my skates before making my way to the rink without my phone or my notepad. They stayed safe in my bag as I flicked the lock on the door. I had all the keys to every room in the pavilion so I would be able to let myself back in there afterwards.

Once on the ice I tried a faster track to skate along with, it would probably be easier to push myself off the ice with more power if I was skating along with a quicker track.

The skates made a smooth sound against the ice when I twisted around three times and then lunged down on the ice before pushing myself off and doing a fast loop around the rink. I decided to try what Miss Holdana had suggested so I pushed off my back foot and flew into the air for a triple axel. The cold wind pushed through my hair which was still secured in my hair band and brushed my face soothingly. It seemed like ages until I felt my skates thump on the ice again but when they did I shoved forward and jumped off the ice with the same power that I had the axel.

I felt weightless when I leant down and touched the tips of my skates which were nearly in line with the curve of my chest. When I hit the rink I had a rush of adrenaline and excitement. I had actually done it! Mastered the Russian split! I rubbed my hands together and did three celebratory spins before doing a slow and casual glide around the edge of the ice.

Screw my Mum being embarrassed about me sleeping here, she would’ve been so proud if she had seen that and a few years ago my Dad may’ve been as well. He wasn’t always like this with me; before my Mum died I was his little girl. He used to take me flounder fishing with him and we all used to sit down as a family and watch a film. We were so happy.

I stopped skating when my fingers started to go numb. I turned the music off and hopped onto the platform off the ice. It wasn’t until I looked at the clock I realised that I had been skating for a few hours. I still didn't feel like I’d been on the ice long enough.

I unlocked the door to the back stage room and felt the warm air surround me; I went to bed on the sofa bathing in the heat and the quiet.

The next day Layla picked me up from the pavilion to take me to work. I wasn’t best pleased with her and all I could think about was what Cooper had said the night before about me taking things lying down.

“So, who was the bartender last night?” She asked when I clambered into the car with my bag.

“Just the bartender.” I shrugged it off but she didn't stop pushing.

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