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Chapter 10

To say that I’m not a fan of the game ‘spin the bottle’ would be a massive understatement. I felt Cooper’s arm tense over my shoulder when she mentioned it and I couldn’t help but stiffen. I had said that there should be no kissing, Josh, Cooper and Dale all agreed with me so Layla was outnumbered. I kind of considered Cooper as my boyfriend so didn’t want Layla putting her lips on him. To be honest, I didn’t want Josh or Dale kissing him either.

“Right, c’mon! All sit in a circle,” Layla ordered, parking herself on the floor cross legged. I was going to sit leaning against Cooper, but apparently if I sat too close we wouldn’t be able to tell if the bottle landed on me or Cooper so we had to split up. The only thing that I didn’t want brought up, was my bruises. Cooper was curious about them and even though I lied about where I got them, I still wasn’t keen on being reminded that they were there.

When we were all sat in the circle Layla grinned, flicking the volume button on the iPod dock so that the music was blaring so much I could feel it beat through my chest.

Layla grinned at us all one at a time; her straight white teeth were gleaming as she spun the empty coke bottle. It spun around a couple of times and my heart nearly jumped out of my mouth whenever it passed me. In the end it landed on Dale and he groaned whilst putting all his weight on his hands behind him.

Layla moved so that she was sat on her knees and looked at him expectantly. “Truth or dare?”

Dale seemed to think on it for a while before looking at Josh and saying “truth.”

Layla sat back so that she was leaning on the armchair and then looked at Cooper as if asking permission to ask him his truth.

“Have you ever cheated on a girl?” she asked. We all rolled our eyes, not exactly the type of thing that you ask someone during a game of truth and dare but hey, everyone to their own.

Dale didn’t even hesitate before telling her that he hasn’t and then spun the bottle again. This time it landed on Layla and she picked a dare.

Josh grinned which made Cooper wince; he obviously knew what was coming.

“Just remember, you asked for it,” Josh warned as he got up and held out a penny on his hand. Layla looked at it clueless and Dale burst out laughing.

“C’mon Josh, you’ve got to kiss her later, do you really want her tongue touching the toilet seat?” he teased with a grin. Layla’s head snapped over to Cooper and her eyes widened.

“What?” I tried to stifle my laugh but was failing miserably as Cooper helped me up and we walked to the bathroom.

“Right, you have to move this penny around the toilet seat, using only your tongue.”

Josh’s eyebrows waggled and I raised mine, Layla didn’t look amused.

“I’m not doing that,” she folded her arms over her chest and looked at Josh stubbornly, even though he was grinning like an idiot whilst leaning on the top of the toilet.

Layla wasn’t the type to turn down a challenge so she knelt down in front of the toilet with a grim expression. Luckily, it had been flushed.

Cooper slid his arm around my shoulders as Josh put the penny down on the seat and she gingerly leant over. She didn’t fail to shoot him daggers before slowly moving the penny. I cringed, sticking my nose up as she grumbled curse words under her breath. When she got the penny halfway around, Josh grabbed her shoulders and brought her to her feet.

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