Chapter 10: The Job

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(Angel's POV)

As soon as Tristan heard my arrival, he didn't waste a second to come see me even at late night. Zia Estella was also thrilled to see her son. She didn't mind staying late until she saw and embraced him. I could see how much she adored her son, just like my mother to me.

As soon as zia left the room, Tristan gave me a long hard stare, his eyes were filled with curiosity. I know he expects me to tell the truth.

I planned to lie, that it didn't work out, but I couldn't find the courage to do it in front of him, with his eyes trained on mine, never blinking.

I let out a lungful of sighed before relaying what truly happened, and why I had to stay with him. He was furious, I could tell with his eyes.

He tried to stay as calm as he could, but his body's reaction gave way. His eyes changing eerily menacing, yet his tone still as gentle as he always whenever he talks to me. The only tone he uses me, yet I saw how harsh, rude, and arrogant he is to his employees. How ruthless and impassioned he is to the people below him.

He is as dangerous as Isaias, yet he never made me feel fear. He always made me feel loved, cared, and treated me as his little sister.

I couldn't meet his eyes as I told him the truth. "I'm sorry, Tristan. I don't know what to tell you, and I don't want zia to learn about it. She will be very wor—"

"Isaias is a dangerous man, Rose, but if you have told me, I could do something!" that's when I found the courage to look into his liquid blue eyes with a browns specks on the blues irises. His soft eyes were staring at me intently. I quickly look away, I suddenly felt awkward.

"You have said it yourself that he is a dangerous man, Tristan. I don't want you and zia to get on his bad side nor to deal with him. I did this, so it's just fair to face him myself. " I continued unpacking my bag. I could hear Tristan's harsh breathings as he paces back and forth across the room.

"I live in the same world as Isaias, Rose. I can handle him!" his voice is gruff, and halted from what I'm doing and face him, apologetically, and at the same time, annoyed.

Why can't he just let it go? He just made me feel so vulnerable whenever he does that, trying to do things for me.

"As you can see, Tristan, I'm perfectly fine. He already gave me my freedom back, so there's nothing to worry about. And thank you. I know, you always think of my safety first," I tamped down the exasperation that was starting to bubbles up in my system. I understand why he's doing this. He thought I'm too innocent for this world, and I hated that they always think I couldn't handle myself, and yes, I was annoyed with the fact that I always lost myself when Isaias is near me. It's frustrating.

"Rose," Tristan's voice were soft and when I look into his eyes, he looks apologetic. He looks rather lost. I don't know why he always looks at me that way, and it's starting to make me feel uncomfortable. "I'm sorry. I know how you felt, that we are controlling your life, but believe me, we never wanted you to feel that way. We just love you, Rose. I hope you do understand that we are doing this because we don't want something bad to happen to you. Regrets always come in the end, Rose. We love you, and we promised in your parent's grave that we will take care of you and we meant it. I meant it!" He let out a long deep sighed and then tucked his hands in his pockets, trying to tamp down his frustrations.

I felt a tad guilty.

"I'm sorry," I replied softly as I scanned my room. My parent's pictures are hanged on the wall, and I miss them all the more. My heart starting to feel sorrowful as I remembered how sweet and loving they are. If only they were here, I wouldn't feel all of these unwanted emotions. "I understand, and I can't thank you and zia enough for taking me in, and treat me better than I expected." I gave him a small smile.

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