Chapter 39: Estate

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I watched the humongous gate opened as soon as the van was in front of it. It is an automated gate with approximately 30-foot high walkway gate 20-foot wide, and 15-foot iron and limestone fence boarded on all the colossal property.

The car rolled up along the never-ending driveway, surveillance cameras everywhere.

Isaias made no comment nor noise throughout the long drive, and I've had made neither a comment and welcomed the silence, thus made the journey to the estate tense and awkward. The sixty minutes drive felt hours and hours.

My stomach kept on protesting. The burning sensations grew, and a stinging pain comes with it every time it grumbled.

My minds drifted to the sweeping verdant lawn with beautiful landscape. The garden of different kinds of flowers and bushes; rare and familiar ones caught my sight. Multi-colored blooms in style vibrantly decorated the large part of the extensive front lawn. Canary palms on either side of a wide walkway, leading to every part of the estate, providing shade to every walker, and around the driveway and the mansion.

I felt a little relieved when the car finally approached the palatial mansion's entrance, generously covered portico of polished limestone and inlaid marble medallion.

The Mediterranean-style estate reminded me of the home I grew up. Double Mahogany and glass doors into the elevated foyer.

Several maids in navy blue and white uniforms welcomed us, lining up on the extensive marble floorings of the grand hall with a warm and inviting smile.

"Benvenuti a casa, signor Lorenzo!" Welcome home, sir Lorenzo!

All heads tipped down in synchrony as they greeted him in unison. Isaias responded with a growl, which intimidated them further.

His hard, cold eyes were piercing through them. I could feel their fear radiating off on each one of them. I want to remind him that he's acting like a jerk, but then I reminded myself that I've meddled with his life enough. He might not forgive me this time.

I stayed quiet next to him. His hand around my waist tightened.

"Stiamo affamando. Il cibo è molto apprezzato." We are starving. Food is greatly appreciated.

That made all the maids scrambled on their feet, and they all disappeared at once, except for the old man who was standing a few inches away from the grand staircase. He looked agitated as he stared at Isaias.

"Lorenzo, figlio!" Lorenzo, son! My head snapped towards the grand staircase.

Halfway the stairs, a man in his fifty's trudging down the stairsteps in haste. Wearing a full-blown smile as he stepped down the last step, then flung his hands outwards as he closed their gap.

Isaias' hand on my waist tightened when I was about to pull myself away from him so to give them both a privacy. "Tagliamo la pretesa, Luigi. Lo facciamo?" Let's be true, Luigi. Shall we? he gruffly stated, causing the man's smile to wither, dropped his hands to his sides, then stared at him intently. His shoulders sagged with disappointment. He only spared me a brief glance before retracing it back to him. "Non sono qui per essere tuo figlio. È troppo tardi, non credi?" I'm not here to be your son. It's too late, don't you think? he goes on as his father goes rigid for a brief moment, catching him off guard. "Sai perché sono qui!" You know why I'm here! he bit out with intent, cold and hard.

The man whom he called Luigi recovered as quickly as he froze, he gave him a bright smile glancing at me briefly.

"Sono ancora contento che sei qui, figlio," I'm still glad you are here, son, he proclaimed, ignoring Isaias' blunt remarks. He shifted his gaze to me. "Ms. Viggorino," he acknowledged, opening his arms for a hug and I reluctantly pulled myself from Isaias' hold.

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