Chapter 14: Date

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(Angel's POV)

"Y-yes, I- I know Isaias," I stuttered, so with my heart in fear, upon realizing who he was.

"I'm sorry to bother you, I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time," his tone a little apologetic, but I could feel the insincerity in it, or maybe because I know how Isaias disapproved of him, of his animosity towards him.

"Well, not really. Actually, I was just about to go out," I responded briefly, trying to regain my normal heartbeat.

"Going out on a date with him?" he teased, and I stiffened. How did he find out? "I see," he added, I could hear the amusement in his tone, but I don't find it amusing. I find it creepy.

Was he stalking me or Isaias?

"No," I casually responded.

"Oh," he gasped, but he doesn't sound surprised at all. I suddenly felt the hair on the back of my head, stood up, fear creeping within me.

"I hope you don't mind, sir. My friends are waiting for me," I tried to sound so apologetic and polite at the same time. And I just noticed that I didn't feel regretful lying or stuttered perhaps.

I'm really getting used to lying. Mom and dad won't be happy if ever they are here.

I'm sorry, mom!

This isn't good.

"Of course, Ms. Viggorino. I apologize again for bothering you. I hope to meet you personally one day. Your father was a great man. I know him so much, we used to be good friends," he mused, and I felt something genuine in his tone, but I decided to ignore it.

"Sure, Mr. D'Antonio." I glibly answered, faking a cheery tone. "Good-bye, sir," and as soon he said goodbye too, I quickly hang up the phone.

I let out a deep sighed to shake off all the uncomfortable feeling, as I grab my small classic Chanel sling bag, my father gave me on my 16th birthday, and I slung it on my shoulder as I headed to the door.

Just as I opened my door, aunt Estella was standing in the doorway, and she looks like she was about to knock. She puts her hand down on her side and smiled. "Mr. Vitale is here," I can hear the disapproval in her tone, but she was smiling as she looks me up and down. "You look beautiful, dear," she complimented, and I felt my cheeks heated up.

"Thank you, zia," I returned her sweet smile, and led her towards the stairs. I caught my aunt sighing deeply as she walks along with me in the hallway. I felt like I'm the cause of her troubles. "Zia," I started, slowing my pace when I saw the stairsteps.

"Yes, dear?" she stops, then shifted to face me.

Now, her forehead knitted together. "I'm sorry, I know, you and Tristan hate him. I-I d-do, too," I swallowed hard.

I really hate the fact that he was the one the witness was pointing out, but then, it wasn't proven it was him, and he said he didn't kill him. He didn't deny that he would kill him, but before he shoot him, someone did.

"Zia, I know you disapproved of him, but maybe getting close to him, I will get some information, some facts, and eventually, I'll find out if he was behind my father's death. I'll never forget about his death, if that's what worries you," I almost beg, my eyes starting to moisten.

Aunt Estella took both my hand, and she stared at me intently. "I know you hated him, and you're doing this so you can avenge your father's death, but Rose, you don't know him well. You are playing in the fire, in the devil's den. He is the master of this type of game, you are an amateur in this. Please let Tristan do this, dear. I already lost my sister, I can't lose you," for the first time, I saw her in tears again, after my mother's death.

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