Chapter 6: Can I?

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(Isaias' POV)

"I can't be wrong, Vito. He's alive and I don't fucking know how in the world he's fucking still breathing. I saw him dead with my two eyes!" I grit out as I stared at the road hard. What is Carmine Castellano is playing, we had to know. Why didn't he contacted Gio?

It's been a year, and why would he do that?

"I'll see what I can do, and since you saw him at the La Vigna Seguismonda eatery, why don't you send Logan and find the names of all the customers that day?" he suggested and I thought he has a point. "And please, calm your tits, Sai. It's not like the end of the world," Vito let out an irritating chuckle. "I think you need some relaxing to do. I'll send a chick on your pl—"

"DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE, VITO!" I grit out loudly and hang up the phone. Clenching my jaws, I tossed the phone on the console and thought about his idea.

Recalling the scene at the balcony in my head, I tried to picture out how many people that was sitting there. There's probably ten people that afternoon, on the balcony, I just hope they could name them or remember one of them.

As I recall his clothes, I am sure of the color of his polo shirt, but not his pants. He was reading a newspaper, at least there's something that could give them a hint, or a clue, or something that register in their head.

I grab the phone as soon as I stop when the light turns red and called Logan, his phone was just ringing which added to my anger. "Fucking pussies!" I growled and then dialed, Mason.

As soon as he picks up, "Where the hell is Logan and Ms. Viggorino?" I growled darkly.

"He said he was looking for Ms. Viggorino, Boss. She wen—"

"Fucking stupid!" I hissed gruffly. "How did she sneak out? And where the hell was Logan? He was supposed to watch her!" I scowled at the Van driving so slow in front of me. I turned to the next street, a short cut to Old Sicily town.

A very small village, an old town, with soft rolling hills, thick lush green woods, a romantic valley, and sparkling lakes, except all the buildings were old, almost rundown, but the scenery is quite relaxing. And a few people knew this place. It was like a secluded town.

I've been driving for like two hours, and finally, I can now see the brown brick apartment, just before the tip of the hill.

I booked their ensuite apartment, it has the biggest patio that connected to the living room and to the master bedroom. And when I saw the look in her eyes, a look of appreciation, of astonishment, I felt relieved and proud. I don't know why it was a big deal to me on how will she reacts when she sees the place. I felt this strong pull to please her, which was so new to me, and really, I'm acting such a pussies and it's rather infuriating.

I hate this part of me that was doing these things I despised to do. Is this what I've got from obeying all of Leone's fucking caprices? Of pleasing her fucking woman?

Fucking pussies.

I pulled the car into the driveway and grunted as I turned the engine off. Leaning my back against the seat, I squeeze my eyes shut.

A usual scene flashed in my head, a reason why my heart turns to stone ...

"Get out of my face, you son of a bitch!" A kick in my belly caused me to let out a loud groan of pain as I instinctively clutch my aching tummy, then she grabs my forearm tightly, her nails digging into my rough skin, then gave me a forceful shoved out of the door of our small apartment. "OUT!" she yells and my tears blinding me as I stared at the woman who was, unfortunately, my mother.

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