Chapter 4: Thank You

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(Isaias's POV)

"Did you receive the code?" Vito's voice drags me out of my wandering thought. I let out a frustrated breath as I powered on the system and log on.

"Just about to," I growled. "I'll call you shortly," I said before ending the call.

I've been sitting on this damn chair, and my head wandered again to my killer. The girl who kept on creeping in my head since that night no matter how I tried to blocked her off my system.

"Fucking, pussies!" I growled frustratedly as I scowled at the screen in front of me, watching the machines accessing.

'Welcome to Delta Security Agency' the first words popped out on the screen.

'Members code'

I quickly put on my code name and then my security code. The system accepted it after it verified.

The new code then popped out in a red icon, which means, it is the top priority.

I click on the code and it appeared on the screen in what we call 'Delta Cipher-text Code'.


Once I deciphered it, I log out. The message will automatically be gone like it never once sent after logging out.

Alberto Alfonsini, AA Steel Corp.

The code sent by one of our valued clients. I quickly went on working, finding more information about Alberto Alfonsini. I can give the job to any of our secret assassins, but with my growing frustrations about the Viggorino's daughter, I needed something to divert my attention, to vent out my pent-up frustrations.



I came back to the hotel with a firm decision. Getting rid of her before things gone out of control. Since she intruded my privacy, my brain started to get scrambled, her face flooded my brain like a swarmed bees, taunting me endlessly. My cold heart started to thump like a fucking drum and things she's making me do just by her stare.

I remember to call Vito. Since after the wedding of Leone, Vito and I, had our own business to deal with. I knew he's dating someone and I didn't care to know who she was. I'm sure, after he's done with her, he would deny me, he's dating someone.

I dialed Vito's number and soon it was ringing. I waited until it connected as I fixed my eyes on the road.

"Hey, it's Vito. Sorry, you can't get through. Leave your name and your number, and I'll get back to you." I let out a frustrated sighed as I waited for the beep sound.

"I fucking pray you're not busy humping someone again, I swear to God, Vito, I'm going to separate that dick from your body! I thought you would want to know where am I in case you've got yourself into another hole. I'll be in Italy."

I end the call and turned into the street where the hotel is. Scowling at the back of the Honda Civic moving ever so slow like a snail, I frustratedly rolled down the window and peered at the old lady in the driver's seat.

"Fuck it, lady!" I growled gruffly as I leaned back on my seat and involuntarily slapped the stirring wheel in frustrations. "Please, do me a favor, stop driving, you'll make us all happy." I grit out as I rolled back up the window, my words blown with the wind.

Finally, she turns into an establishment a few buildings before the hotel. I quickly pulled into the driveway and stop right in front of the door. The valet approached the car and opens the door for me.

I gave him the keys as soon as I hopped out and strode inside the lobby. I was greeted by the guard, and I just nod my head striding purposely towards the elevator.

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