Chapter 24: Acceptance

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(Angel's POV)

The stinging tears brimmed under my eyelid as I stared at him incredulously. He looked so vulnerable, and my heart broke into two, seeing him in his state. I'd rather want to see him cold, than like this.

Don't forget he killed your father, Rose! A part of my brain reminded me over and over, but my heart is crying for him, wanting to be cage again in between his strong arms, aching to feel his warmth against my body.

Shaking my head, I looked away.

"Please, Angel. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I hurt you. I didn't mean it to hurt you, I was only thinking of your safety, and I never thought that pushing you away would hurt you more than anything else," Isaias pleaded in a broken voice, and all the more it's harder to turn my back on him. The sincerity in his voice, it was so overwhelming. I felt the lump in the back of my throat, my heart tightening, torn between staying or leaving. The former felt heavy in my chest, but it was the only choice. Knowing now that Isaias murdered my father, I can't betray him.

"Angel," he called out in a brittle, broken voice, my heart tightened even more.

I choked back a sob as I slowly look up at him and met his eyes. His eyes that have carried thousand of emotions but sadness overpowers them, and my heart tightened as I watched him narrowed our distance ever so slowly. He looks a little uncertain, and it just made me feel terrible, awful.

His handsome face marred with anguish. He looks miserable, and it was enough to shatter my heart into tiny million pieces. I can't bear to look at him, I had to look away.

I swallowed the thick lump in my throat, but it felt like it was still there.

Mixed emotions overwhelming me, tears brimming my eyes, threatening to fall. I choked it back. I swallowed hard as I spoke steadily, without looking at him and noticed my hands are shaking. "Did you really killed my father?" I asked, and relieved to hear my tone not quavering.

"I'm sorry, Piccola. I lied," he responded regretfully. The last words brought relief to my system. I believed he didn't, but he may be lying, too, and then again, he has reasons.

The huge boulder in my chest suddenly lifted up, and I felt a little better upon hearing the truth. I don't have to deal with my conscience all the time nagging me.

I slowly looked up and noticed how far he was to me, a good few inches apart. He looks weary and remorseful, and I searched for the sincerity in his eyes, if he was telling me the truth. "Why did you have to lie?" I asked, then swallowed hard.

His eyes glisten as he locked his gaze with mine. "I know, when you think I killed your father, you'll hate me, then it's easier for you to leave me." He swallowed hard, then stared at me wearily, slowly made a tentative step, then stopped when barely an inch gap. I could feel the warmth of his body radiating off him, softly kissing my body. I tilted my head up, to meet his eyes as he hovered over me. "I'm sorry, Piccola. I thought it was easy, but it wasn't. The moment the reality of your absence sinks into me, I slowly died inside. I was stupid to think everything will be fine, it was dreadful, awful," he lifted his hand, and slowly touch my cheek, passionately, I leaned into his hand, my eyes automatically shut closed, relishing the warmth of his rough palm against my skin. "I've never felt so empty and lost in my entire life, not even when I left my own mother."

His mother?

My eyes snapped opened and stared at his handsome face.

He still had a mother?

But they were dead? That's what he said, as far as I remember.

I held my tongue when I saw how sorrowful he is, this is not the perfect time to ask about her. "I felt dead inside. It was awful, and I don't want to feel that again," he said in a wavering voice, he sounded so broken, and I felt the pain he felt at the moment.

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