Chapter 26: Decision

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(Isaias' POV)

Green eyes as bright as the cat's eyes in the night, sharp and it doesn't miss a thing, staring at me smugly. And at this moment, I wanted to wipe that smirked out of his face with my fist.

Tristan never failed to make my blood boil, the reason why we can't work together. Another megalomaniac who thought he knew everything.

Though I hate his guts, he was right.

"She is not going anywhere." My tone was final, and I felt Angel's eyes burning holes in my face.

I just hope I can coax her to stay.

I dragged my eyes to hers, and her one heavy brow slanted in a strong disapproval. Her defiant eyes unblinking as she locked it on mine, unrelenting. "You are not my parents, nor my husband!" she narrowed her eyes at me, then dragged it to Tristan, then she snapped her eyes back to me, in a furious glare.

My feisty Angel. I love her so much, but if I let her win, she'll likely to meet her death. And that, I wouldn't allow it. She'll hate me, but I can't risk her safety.

Her eyes slowly crossed in exasperation, and I sent her an angry gaze that could slice through her, pressing my lips into a grim line. In a fleeting second, her eyes glinted with fear, but she promptly concealed it, dragging her eyes away. I suddenly felt a pang of remorse. I hate to see those fear in her eyes, but I can't risk her if I give in, and I'm so close to caving into her.

"I don't have the ring, but if that's the case for you to listen, then we can head out to the closest jewelry store, and get married," I stated firmly. I know that was a lame attempt, but I was so desperate. She snapped her head up and then glared at me in disbelief.

Honestly, I didn't plan to propose, not like this. Not the kind of proposal Leone did to Enna either.

I don't like how Giovanni Leone married, Enna. How he wooed her if they considered that as courting, but as a friend, I supported him. He's just lucky, Enna fell in love with him, blindly. Well, she doesn't have a choice, does she? He was all over her, so what choices does she have?

Leone was a possessive bitch.

And not that I don't feel possessive of her. To be truthful, a possessive part of me is nagging me to do what Leone did, but fought for it. Forcing is not my cup of tea.

I want to make sure that she'll accept me with all her heart, and I don't have to kidnap her, nor force her into something she doesn't want to do.

I know how it felt like to be forced, to do something acquiescently because you have no way out. You are trapped.

"I think that's a good idea," Tristan approved, and she dragged her eyes at Tristan, staring at him incredulously. Tristan just shrugged his shoulders.

She stomped her feet in vexation. "You are so unbelievable!" she screeched shifting her eyes between Tristan and me.

"Boys, let her decide!" Mrs. Marconi butted in, and just when I realized she was with us and had been watching us. I completely forgot about her.

Angel looks upset, and I want to take my words back. Let her do what she wants, but is it worth it?

"Can you give us a moment?" shifting my eyes between Mrs. Marconi and her son, Tristan growled disapprovingly when his mom grabbed his hand and led him to the kitchen.

"You have five minutes, Mr. Vitale," Mrs. Marconi stated flatly, and I nodded. When the two disappeared, I quickly retraced my gaze back to her, and she was staring at me with a slanted eyebrow. Her arms crossed over her chest.

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