Chapter 28: Deflowering

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Isaias' POV

"Please Isaias... Give me all!" she whimpered. Her intense arousal so evident in her voice, I couldn't stop myself from wondering what happened to my innocent Angel. That fucking Fifty Shades of Grey had tainted her, yet at the same time, I love the dirty, naughty side of her. I was grateful at the movie and at the same time, hate it for ruining the innocent mind of my Angel.

"I will, love. I will," I breathed against the inner of her thigh, dragging my hot moist tongue, licking and trailing kisses down to her already drenched cunt.

I've been dying, aching to have my lips all over her, taste every bit of her, and fuck her until she can't move a muscle.

Fuck, I've never felt so hard, not even when I tied up Theresa on her four poster bed, all open for me. Angel is not even naked, yet I'm already on the verge of an intense climax. My balls were twitching as I tried to control it.

Slowly, I slipped my thumb under the thin fabric, swiping the lace garment to the side. I stroke Angel's soft brown curls atop her pinkish mounds, down to her pinkish slits, and her belly jerk.

Holding on onto my control, I tried to keep my head onto pleasuring her. I sticking my tongue out, the tip traced a path across her slit, and her body shook a little as she inhaled a sharp intake. I grinned.

I swiped my tongue, not just the tip, but the whole, back and forth across her pinkish slit, gradually picking up pace. Her hips were bucking off the bed as she threw her head back, moaning deliriously.

"Oh, my God!" she cried out loud as I latched my mouth around her sensitive clit, and suck it hard, then released it at once, just giving her a taste of what would come. Her loud cry of pleasure only made my throbbing cock hardened even more, a warm liquid of arousal seeping from the tip of my cock, dampening my boxer short. I controlled the pulsating of my cock and focused on pleasuring her. I want her first to be unforgettable.

Dragging my eyes up to her, looking through my lashes, I saw her eyes closed. "Open your eyes, love. I want to see your eyes." I breathed against her mounds. The smell of her sex almost brought me to the edge. So fucking feminine, sweet rather intoxicating. She slowly opened her eyes. Her dilated amethyst orbs met mine. She looked as carnally lost as me. "Do you want my tongue in your clit, love?" I asked, sniffing her sex, and occasionally puffing a small air of breath on her clits, over and over, not touching her either. She shook her head vigorously.

I want her to beg. "Say it, love. Tell me," I coaxed, my voice is low, gravelly, and needy.

"Please ..." she begged throatily. My nose touched her sensitive clits, sniffing it, causing tiny vibrations against her pinkish lips, and she let out a soft cry. "Say it, love," I whispered.

"I want your tongue in my clit, please Isaias!" she whimpered, and I grinned. Holding her gaze, I stroked the soft curls, parting the lips, I dipped my head, and my tongue licks her clit. Her moan grew louder as she clung onto the bedsheet, thrusting her hips. I explored her core with my tongue, licking, circling, and lapping her wet sex. Watching her moaning, whimper in pleasure, it made me even more motivated to drive her to the brink. Holding her thighs firmer, stopping her from squirming away, my lips latched around her sensitive nub, and I sucked it hard, not stopping, like a thirsty animal.

"Oh, God! I ..." Angel cried out, her head thrown back, legs buckled up, and her body began to tense. Her hands flew to my head, pushing it away as she thrashed her body. Her moan was loud enough that even a deaf could hear it, and I sucked it even harder, grabbing her hands away from my head, her thighs tightening around my head, but I didn't stop sucking. I felt her body shivered, and I knew she's coming.

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