Chapter 25: Animosity

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(Angel's POV)

"Yay, it's done!" Cynthia squealed happily, and I chuckled as I tidied up the table, putting away the extra flowers we didn't use. Cynthia did a funny dance, looking so pleased with herself, and I shook my head as I giggled watching her.

She puts the centerpiece on the separate table along with the others, ready to be delivered.

I remember I need to talk to my aunt and Tristan. I quickly pulled out my phone from the back pocket of my jeans, then swipe it, unlocking the screen, then saw Tristan's missed calls.

I wonder how did I miss it? I remember I put it on silent, but the vibration is on.

I was too focused on the centerpieces that I didn't even feel it vibrate.

Cynthia and I were too fixated working while sharing jokes, laughing and chatting over nonsense things.

I started tapping on my phone, tapped on my missed calls, confirming the time he had called me, and I groaned when I saw it was two hours ago. It's already three in the afternoon.

"Hey, Cyn," I called out, averting my gaze from my phone to her, she stopped from her work and stared at me expectantly. "Would you mind if I'll just make a call?" I asked, giving her my puppy dog eyes, and she just waves her hand off, then continued working on the bouquet.

I quickly headed to the back of the shop, then dialed Tristan's number.

"Rose," came his reply, and I smiled upon hearing his deep voice. He has such a very masculine voice, almost sounded as Isaias, just adds a little gruffness to it, and I couldn't tell who's who.

"Hi!" I replied quickly. I felt like I haven't talked to him in a long time. Is he back? "I'm sorry I missed your call. I was busy helping Cynthia with the centerpieces for the wedding tomorrow for one of our clients. " I quickly explained.

"It's alright, Rose. I forget that you're working already. I called mom, and she told me you're at Mrs. Fair shop." He explained briefly. "Anyway, I'm back, and I want to see you. Can I take you for dinner? Mom is going out with friends again. " Tristan explained, and I contemplated. I need to talk to them both tonight and let Martino know my decisions.

Just then I remembered I don't have his number.


I heaved a deep breath, attempting to summon all my courage, then spoke steadily. "Tristan, I need to talk to you and zia Estella."

He fell in silence, causing my heart to stuttered as I waited for his reply.

I caught my bottom lip between my teeth and nibbled it gently as panic attacked. My eyes trained on the ground underneath me. "Is there something wrong, Rose?" he asked, worry underlying his tone. I swallowed hard, clearing the lump that felt like stuck at the back of my throat.

Should I say to him now over the phone?

No! My other brain interjected.

"Nothing, Tristan. I just want to talk to you and zia Estella about something." I replied swiftly. "Is zia Estella home right now?" I asked.

"Yes, in fact, here in our house. I thought you were here. Mom just came home, too. She's just taking a shower now. She'll be down, soon." He explained.

"Well, I can go home now. I'll just let Cynthia know and the rest that I'm leaving," I said, and I turned on my heel, heading back inside.

"I can come and pick you up," he offered, but I quickly declined it.

"I can walk, Tristan. It's not that far!" I said, and I heard him groaned.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

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