Chapter 1: Dangerous Angel

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This is Juri Bavaresco, an Italian model

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This is Juri Bavaresco, an Italian model. I thought he fits Isaias more than Tom Hardy. I pictured Tom as Vito. What do you think?


I stared at the guy with disbelief. His words seep into my skull like a fog, my brain freezes, and refused to work. My whole system is glued to him, staring lost at his almost to perfection physique. I almost sighed.

With all the rumors I heard about him, I pictured him as an ugly burly ogre with a long mustache, scrawny looking fellow, but not a devilish looking, panty-dropper kind of face.

I was lost in my thoughts that I wasn't aware of my actions. Fear and at the same time, something strange I've never felt to the opposite sex, attraction.

The gun accidentally went off and we both stared shocked at each other.

Even with the suppressor, the muffled sounds of the gunshot sounded so loud to my ears that I felt my whole body racked at the intensity. My eyes went wide when I realized what just happened, abruptly backing myself into one corner, dropping the gun to the floor in the process. My body seem to paralyze. I felt the cold, dry air seeping through my mouth and just when I realized I was slack jaw, as well. The tears starting to well up in my eyes as dread filled me.

"Figlio di puttana!" (Son of a bitch!) He darkly growled. His thick, rich voice boomed inside the room causing me to shudder inside violently.

Isaias Vitale growled and winced as soon as the adrenaline wears off. It took him seconds before he finally felt the pain. He must be shocked just like me before he felt the pain. He grunted series of profanities as he gave me a dark lethal gaze.

Seeing his murderous face, I knew I wasn't going to get away from it. I would surely come out of this room lifeless. His dark and intense eyes burning holes into my face. The man looks even more dangerous and even satan would back away from seeing him, and it gave me chills down my spine in dread.

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