Chapter 41: Secrets

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She hastily pulled herself up with a start then stared at me incredulously. "What?" she snapped, almost a shriek.

A swirl of hesitance surged through me as I met her sharpest glare. The gleam of frustrations swirling in her orbs as she bristled up made my mood dropped. "Why are you firing him? What did he do?" she glowered, her eyebrows met as she pinned me with her disapproving stare.

My stomach dropped at the kind of stare she gave me, and I tried to ignore it, but it was a failure. Anything that my Angel does always affect me like a raging maelstrom.

"I'm not firing him. I'm just moving him to Vito's hand." I answered, but she just scoffed as her shoulder straightened. It was evident she didn't believe me.

A scene of Logan and her hugging made my muscles tensed. A swirl of frustrations pummeled through me, the need to break Logan's neck is painfully tempting, but that would surely drive her to madness, and I'm sure, I'm not going to hear the end of it.

She huffed as she threw me once again a sharp glare that cut through my racing thoughts before crawling out of bed, then she grabbed one of the dress and slipped it on with unnecessary force.

I heaved myself out bed and put my clothes back on. I decided to let her anger simmered down before talking to her, but as soon as she got changed, she whirled to face me and stalked towards me, her cheeks a little red, her eyes gleaming with new waves of fury.

"He's not going anywhere! Besides, I'm used to him!" she snapped, her hands dug into her slim waist as she pinned me with her gaze.

Running my hair with my fingers, I let out a defeated sigh. "With one condition," I said. I swiped my hand over my face, the other hand resting on my hips, then I let out another deep breath as I held her gaze.

She cocked her head to the side expectantly. "I don't want you hugging him or any of my men!" I said through clenched teeth.

She rolled her eyes heavenward. I find it so cute though a little exasperating because it's indicating that she's not taking me seriously. The way her lips tug upward in a grin made it hard to concentrate and stay firm. I love to get another kiss, one or two. Or maybe ravish her again. My cock stiffened just as it crossed my mind how those lips felt around my cock. It suddenly became painful to get attentive as I took in her ravishing appearance. She looked rather alluring in her floral dress that barely reached her knees.

A wave of firestorm surged through my veins, thrumming within me like a tempestuous wind. Her innocence, her beauty is too dangerous in my brain's health, in my health.

And as the days passed, months, my carnal appetite for her growing. I may not be able to think straight one day, and all I could think of was every possible position to take her.

"So that's what it is!" she proclaimed, interrupting my train of thoughts. Her face sparkled with amusement, simmering mischief in her bright eyes. The crease between her eyebrows smoothened as she tried to stave off a grin but she failed.

A broad grin broke out as she dropped her hands to her sides. Her demeanor abruptly changed.

I shook my head without saying anything. Not that I'm going to admit it. I'm not jealous of my men.

She shrugged off her shoulders as she pulled her dress lower, then ran her palm over its skirt absentmindedly. "I was just too excited to see someone I know. I didn't see you anywhere, and when I saw him, I felt so happy," she explained. "I had to hug someone, on impulse, and you weren't there. So I hug him," she added, her lips quirked, holding back her grin.

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