Chapter 30: The Will

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"What?" he growled. He let out a long, restrained sighed after a while.

The shock in his tone is very evident. I, myself, was shocked when I saw Carmine, too. To think I was there and witnessed his death, I never thought Carmine is very cunning.

"You told me he was dead." Leone ground out.

"Yes, I saw it with my eyes."

"I don't understand, Sai. Explain it to me!" Leone demanded.

"A drug deal had gone wrong between Martino and Domingo, and Carmine was with Domingo that day. They were set-up. Martino shot Domingo, and Carmine witnessed it. Carmine was waiting at the car for Domingo. When he saw his friend was shot in the head, Carmine sped off and finally escaped them, but Martino still haunted him, that's why he schemed his death. But now, Martino found him. He's lucky he left the barn house to buy nails. When he came back, he saw some of Martino's men rounding his house. He had left before they saw him, and he's now staying at Baglioni Hotel."

"I'll go to Italy and fetch him myself," he responded after a short paused.

My mind drifted to Enna. Leone already had a family. I don't want anything happened to them, especially not to the woman he loved more than his life. "I'll go, Leone. It is my fault, and I'll bring Carmine to you. Don't leave Enna." I said rather ordered.

"How is it your fault?" Leone grumbled.

I could literally see his crumpled face, his thick eyebrows drawn together, eyes narrowed in a thin line. I pinched the bridge of my nose. "I went to see him. Martino is after me, and I will find out why, and apparently, they traced him through me." I explained briefly.

I heard him sigh. "Are you sure about this, Sai?" he asked.

"Yes. I never said something I don't mean, Leone." I growled, staring fiercely into the dark living room.

"Of course!" Leone answered briefly.

"I'll show Martino who the devil is," I growled, and clenched my jaw tight.

"We are behind you, Sai. Your enemy is our enemy," Leone quipped, and I nodded my head mindlessly. "Take care."

As soon as the call ended, I dialed Vito's number.

"Speak!" he growled.

My eyebrows veered towards each other. "It's Sai!" I said in a flat tone.

Vito sounded restless.

"Is there a problem?" I asked.

"I was set up!" Vito responded in a grunt tone, and by the sound of it, he was fucked up.

"How so?" I asked. His unusual behavior piqued my interest.

"That piece of shit set me up." He hissed. I could feel his fury radiating off from the line. "Ebony Braelyn." He said in a resigned tone. "She will sue me of rape if I don't marry her," he explained briefly.

I burst into laughter, rumbling deep in my chest, it felt so unfamiliar but felt good. I heard Vito's grumbling lividly. I stifled my amusement. He seemed troubled. I know if I were in his shoes, he would find it amusing and will use it to entertain himself, but I'm not him. "What happened?" I asked, and I wanted to punch my head for being stupid. Of course, I know what happened. Knowing Vito, he probably met this girl at the club; then they hit it off.

"Daena called me, pleading for help. She sounded frantic, so I drove to her apartment right away only to find another girl. And worst, the girl's clothes are torn, and she looks like she had lost her mind..." he paused, letting out a loud strained sigh, he continued. "Just as I was about to hold her, she cried and screamed, until her mom came, and saw it. They accused me of raping her. And now, they are suing me if I won't marry her." Well, that was fucked up.

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