Chapter 42: Inappropriate thoughts

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I didn't see her coming. It was too late to dock her small frame. Her soft body collided on mine and she let out a soft, startled shriek. She seemed disoriented the reason she didn't saw me coming. I'm glad my hands were fast enough to catch her by her waist before her back kiss the floor. "I got you!" I grumbled and pulled her up, my heart picking up speed. She grasped my neck as I pulled her against me, her body trembling slightly. She looked rattled as she looked up and meet my gaze. The color of her cheeks was gone, now pale and confused.

Her eyelashes fluttered as her gaze focused on mine.

"Are you okay?" I asked. "You look blanch," I said brushing away the hair that strayed across her cheeks and tucked it behind her ear.

She nodded her head. "I was startled, that's all," she replied in a tone that lacked strength.

I frowned.

She doesn't sound convincing. There was an uncertainty in her voice, and I wonder what rattled her.

Perhaps our collision had made her feel sick. My hands around her tightened involuntarily. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you coming. I wasn't paying attention either, si?" I said, my gaze holding hers, drinking in her scent.

She smelled terrific, and it triggered another wave of heat, surging through my veins like wildfire in the forest, burning me.

Not now, Isaias!

But her feminine scent was too overpowering to keep my sanity together, to drift my thoughts away from her.

Women are too dangerous to every men's sanity. No matter how small they were, how fragile they look, how innocent they are, we are no match. They control us good, and we are sorely helpless. The reason why I hate love before, but the happiness of being found one was beyond my expectation. And of course, I won't let her know that she got me under her control.

She dropped her hands to my chest, and her palm grazed across it lazily as she spoke, taking all my attention. My minds drifted to the most dangerous thoughts, urges skittering throughout my body. My heart thudded like horses hooves against my chest. My hands unconsciously tightened around her, including my muscles down on my nether region. My cock pulsated painfully underneath my pants, and the fabric agonizingly growing tight, I felt strained. I just had her not too long ago, but my body seemed too greedy of her. I can't get enough of her, and it's frustrating at some point.

Just like now. Some things needed my attentions, yet I couldn't place my thoughts exactly to where it should be, such as finding out about my father's and mother's intention, and of course, Martino's.

"I got lost." She mumbled, cutting through my trains of thought. A sheepish grin broke out on her lips, and a soft chuckle escaped my lips.

She was staring at me with intent. My gaze dropped to her luscious lips. Strong urge to swoop it down and kiss it hard slammed through me. "This estate is massive," she added causing me to rip my gaze off her lips and lingered on her beautiful eyes.

"So you didn't find Logan?" I spewed out without realizing, half of my wits still scattered and I was struggling to collect them together.

I suddenly want to punch myself. She's already upset with me because of him, and I just reminded her.

Great thinking, Isaias!

She shook her head.

She seemed to forget about him. A small smile broke out on my lips, rather a crook smile as relief flooded through me.

Our attentions were shifted to the clamoring crowds heading our directions. My body grew taut as Clave approached us. My eyes lingered on his bloodied shirt before dragging it back to his face marred with anxiety.

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