Chapter 11: Restless

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(Isaias' POV)

"Maybe in a blood but not in the real sense, so don't call me your son!" I said in a very low dangerous tone as I tried to hold my temper at bay. Every time I talk to him, hear his name, my past kept taunting me, stirring the hatred within me, anger resurfacing, causing me to feel nothing but vengeful, hateful, and cold. "What do you want?" I asked gravely, never concealing the menacing edge in my tone.

"You know what I want, Lorenzo."

"Lorenzo! Lorenzo! You fucking piece of shit!" I could hear my mother yelling at me, calling me whatever curses suits her.

"My name is Isaias!" I unconsciously rectified, my nerves felt like it's going to snap from clenching my jaws too tight.

"My father named you Lorenzo, from his name, Lorenzo Lucca D'Antonio," he chuckles humorlessly, but I don't find it amusing. Anything that related to him, I abhor it. "I just want you to go home." I scoffed but kept my mouth shut. "This mansion is yours, son. You're the only D'Antonio's generation left. You are the sole heir of the D'Antonio's fortune, and when I die, it will be all in your name." His arrogant tone softens, almost pleading.

"I'm Vitale. I'm not D'Antonio. You keep your fortune because I'm not interested, Luigi," I arrogantly retorted and I heard him sighed.

"You are a D'Antonio, too, Isaias. Even if you deny it, half of D'Antonio's blood runs in your veins."

I just clenched my jaw, my hands curled into tight balls. He was right. I carried my mother's last name since she wasn't married to my father. I wanted to change it, but no matter what I will do, I can't change the blood that runs through my veins. It is always Vitale and D'Antonio.

"I just want to be a father to my son. I know it's too late, but your mother was too good in hiding you. I've been looking for you all my life as soon as she disappeared." I don't want to believe him. If he really did, he can find us. Italy is a small country and his family is very influential, one of the richest family in the Europe. They owned the biggest auto company called Panera, and the multi-billion dollar hydrocarbons company. A company that had been run by the family since time immemorial.

"When you left us, kick us out of your life, my mother taught me things and one is hatred. I never forgive easily, Luigi."

"I understand, Isaias. I've been a fool of chasing her away. I was greedy of power, married a rich girl but can't provide me an heir—"

"They call it karma, Luigi." I scoffed with a gruff, cutting him off midsentence.

He just chuckled it off. "Indeed!" he said softly enough for me to hear. "It is a bitch," he commented bitterly. "You know, I'm dying," he said randomly. I felt like I misheard it.

"You are a ruthless evil, you can't just die!" I responded tersely.

"Well, my doctor just told me I have five months to live," I suddenly froze. I can't believe he's life span ends pretty soon.

Should I celebrate? But I felt nothing.

"I've been wanting a child all my life. When Lucia was diagnosed with infertility, she can't accept it and became addictive of alcohol, smoke a lot, until her body couldn't take it anymore and died." I just listened to his sentiments with no emotion. I felt nothing as I listen. Nothing but coldness.

He just kept on blabbering, but his words 'five months to live' stuck in my head. I suddenly have this urge to feel how it's like being with my real father. I longed for that for twenty years, then one day, that longing died, and hatred filled my heart.

I shook the ridiculous thoughts off. I scoffed inwardly. I don't think it will any difference. "I have no time to listen to your drama, Luigi. I have work to resume—"

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