Chapter 50: Closure

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Two days later...

Celestina has finally recovered. Now, I'm facing the man who claimed to be the real Luigi D'Antonio. I've been with busy with the investigations of the three corpses that were found in the central Wine storage chamber, and yesterday was identified as Celestina's father and mother. She doesn't know yet, and the other guy was our grandfather.

And just yesterday, Lucca or the President admitted that he killed them and that he also intended to kill Luigi because he thought he took everything from him. He was clouded with jealousy when the old D'Antonio announced that Luigi would be the next chairman of all the fortune of the D'Antonio.

"Why did you agree with him?" I heard Celestina asked Luigi in Italian.

The man had finally gained some weight and had his hair cut, shaved his face, and wore a white crisp button down shirt tucked into black trousers.

He stood as tall as me and had the same eyes as mine.

He was standing next to the bed Celestina was lying on and had that tender look on his face as he stared at her. His hands were under his pockets.

"I don't want to marry the girl my father chose for me. I love you, that's why I agree with Lucca's idea. To switch places, and dad had no idea since we look alike, and Lucca had his hair cut like mine and wore contact lens that was personalized and it look exactly my eyes," he explained.

Celestina stared at him, bewildered.

"But you want to run that company?" she asked incredulously. She pushed herself up and propped her back against the headboard. Luigi instinctively helped her, grabbing a pillow and fluffed it before putting between her back and the hard headboard.

Luigi perched on the edge of the bed, facing her. I just stood in the middle of the room, watching them. I'm not sure if they still remember me. They both seemed lost in their own world. As much as I want to see my Angel now, but a lot of questions had been bothering me.

"Yes. But when you left, I realized that I'd wanted nothing but you," Luigi said, his voice dropping in a murmur as he wipes his eyes. "That's why I agreed to Lucca. Then several years later, Dad had been frustrated that Lucca can't bear their heir, and then he found out that he wasn't me, but Lucca already plotted my death. I survived the first, but the nurse who took care of me as I am recovering was paid by him to poison me. Instead, the nurse gave me medicine that took my memory away. Batiste took me away. He saved me."

"Oh, Luigi!" Celestina exclaimed. "I left because I'm scared, I was pregnant by then. I know that I have no placed here anymore," Celestina explained before she burst into tears.

I watched as Luigi pulled her into his comforting arms. I shook my head. It seemed that I wouldn't get any interesting pieces of information today. I turned on my heel quietly, thinking to head back to our room when I heard my name.

"Is Isaias our son?" Luigi asked.

"Yes. I ..." Celestina choked out, pausing as she searched me inside the room. I stopped on my track and faced them. A small smile formed on her dampened face. "He's our son. I lost him for twenty-five years. I didn't fulfill my responsibilities as his mother," she stifled her tears as she stared at me, deep regrets laced her words.

I met with Luigi's eyes. For the first time, my heart tightened with all the emotions that are roiling within me. They were foreign emotions for twenty-five years.

My eyes are starting to get blurry.

"Our son," he mumbled as he got up from his feet and narrowed our gap.

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