Chapter 23: Broken

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Angel's POV

As soon as the talked was over, zio Dante offered me a lift back to the flower shop, but Martino piped in. "I'll drop her off. My crew picked her up, so it's just right I'll drop her off at her workplace," he interjected. "Besides, your workplace is on the same way, I need to see someone in that area," Martino offered as he stood up from his seat, and took his black coat hanging at the back of the chair, then shrugged it on as he spoke, eyes trained on me.

"I can drop her off, Martino," zio Dante insisted in a tone filled with obvious frustrations, and I can't blame him. Martino has been controlling the talk since the beginning, dominating it. And zio Dante, being the nice man as he is, he just let it slide.

"Were you supposed to meet another client, Dante?" Martino tore his eyes away from me, drifting it to zio Dante, a deep crease line forming on his forehead. He looks rather the man you need to back off. "Why? Don't you trust her to me?" he added, his tone a little offended, a glint of anger flickered in his sharp eyes briefly with his jaws tightening. I felt the tension growing thickly, and I prayed inwardly that zio will just cave in. After a short paused, both staring at each other with suppressed anger, perhaps contempt, — in which the other guests of the restaurant were too oblivious of the animosity between the two — Martino spoke calmly, he seemed to realized where they are. "Nothing will happen to her, alright?" the animosity in his tone hardly recognized now but had me decide to go with him, even though I'd prefer zio Dante's company. I didn't want them to have any misunderstanding if ever they were great friends, though from what I observed, there seem to be an issue going on with Martino.

Staring at the man I just met, he seems quite dangerous, but knowing that zio Dante is with me, I'm relieved.

It all now occurred to me that what I did was very dangerous. Now that my brain is working all right, I thought how stupid I was. Going with a people I've never met, was really really stupid, I'm just lucky, they weren't. Mom and dad had warned me quite many times not to entertain, nor talk with strangers, yet here I am, doing the opposite way.

It's all Isaias' fault.

Martino seemed genuine with his offer, and I'm surprised, I never thought how much money dad left me. Zia Estella, had all my inheritance kept in a bank, she's managing it according to the will until I am capable of managing my finances.

I remembered my dad's last will. I wasn't in my wits when my father's lawyer read the will, I'm still shocked from his death, and then my mother passed away few years after dad, I hardly recover yet from dad's passing.

I wonder what was in it. Now it dawned on me, all these vital information, which I never paid attention to when mom and dad died. I was too lost, hurt, and never realized, there are things I needed to know, perhaps, taken care of by myself.

Should I ask my aunt about it?

Perhaps, it's time to inquire about my inheritance.

For the last years, I didn't care about the last will, the properties dad's left to me, I was too fixed on avenging his death. Too fixed to planned my father's killer's death, and then, in the end, it failed.

"Well, I hope to see you soon, little Rose," zio Dante muttered softly, snapping me out of my thoughts.

Just then I realized zio Dante is now on his feet, gathering me into his arms, and he embraces me fondly. "Take care always, my dear. Call me if anything you need, don't hesitate, si?" he added as he pulled me away, his tone was barely audible but clear enough to hear.

I gave him an appreciative smile filled with gratefulness. I'm still lucky, someone like him was here to look after my welfare, just as zia Estella and Tristan. It felt comforting to know that someone still cared for me. I felt like I found a second father in him, it just sucks he lives a thousand of miles away.

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