Chapter 43: Who is he?

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As soon as the three black cars left the estate, my eyes darted to Logan who kept on avoiding my gaze. I could tell he was apprehensive to approach me. I don't have to guess why.

I let out a sigh.

My thoughts wandered to Tristan.

Cold ran down my spine as the thought settled once more in my head. I tried to shook away the negative feelings, but it was too overpowering.

I quickly strode back inside the mansion, the securities —consisting of six— followed suit. I ignored the feeling of protest nagging within me and headed straight to the staircase.

No matter how I tried to get rid of the frustrations, they seemed to grow more as I climbed up the stairs. I came to an abrupt halt when I saw Celestina at the top of the stairs. She was gazing down at me. I almost didn't recognize her. She was wearing a floral wrap dress that barely reached her ankle. She looked very different.

Her oily brown hair now looked silky, flowing in waves around her shoulders. She looked very much younger than her age. Gone was the old, dirty looking Celestina I first met. Her face that was covered with grime before, oily and looking gross now looked flawless.

I remembered their conversation and Batiste. Guilt instantly furled in my chest and at the same time, suspicion. "Hi," I smiled, forcing a casual tone.

It was almost breathy to my chagrin.

She smiled, a genuine one that made my gut churned with remorse.

"Grazie," she said as she went down the stairs and stopped next to me. Thank you.

I just lifted my shoulders into a shrug.

"Vuoi che ti accompagni intorno alla tenuta?" Would you like me to tour you around the estate? She asked. Her excitement was too contagious, but not enough to get rid the worries blossoming in my chest for Tristan and Isaias.

Perhaps, sightseeing would help me divert my mind elsewhere for the time being. I don't want to sit and wait in our room and let these negative thoughts plagued my brain. It will only increase my anxiety and frustrations.

"Sure, if you don't mind," I agreed, please with the idea. And I would love to see the rest of the estate, but I'm sure, a few hours is not enough to see everything.

"Do you use to live here?" I asked as we both walked down the stairs.

"Si," Yes, she answered briefly, occasionally glancing at me as she carefully stepped down the stairsteps. "Mia madre era la loro cuoca e mio padre era il vecchio autista di D 'Antonio," My mother used to be their cook, and my father was the old D' Antonio's driver, she smiled sheepishly.

"So Isaias' dad is basically your boss?" I asked mindlessly.

She shook her head. "No. Non ho lavorato qui. Signore Lorenzo mi ha dato una borsa di studio per mostrare gratitudine a mio padre e madre per la loro lealtà. Non mi ha mai lasciato lavorare qui. Mi ha detto di vivere qui come la mia casa, e l'ho fatto. Luigi e Lucca diventarono un mio amico." No. I didn't work here. Signore Lorenzo gave me a scholarship as a gratitude to my parents for their loyalty. He never let me work here. He told me to live here, treat it like my own home, and I did. Luigi and Lucca became my friends. She smiled as she recalled her past. "Ma mentre cresco, sono caduto duramente da uno di loro." But as I grow up, I fell hard to one of them.

Her face lit up as she briefly glanced at me.

He led me to the east of the mansion. "Luigi," I unconsciously spewed out, and she nodded, a broad smile graced her face, wiping all the sadness that once settled there. Her eyes gleamed with happiness, but it didn't last as she goes on. Lost in her past.

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