Chapter 44: Angel and Danger

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Just as the line ended, Leone's name was blinking on my screen. I quickly connected the call. "It's me," came his thick and exhausted voice.

My eyebrows darted together in a scowl. "Tristan is still sleeping. The nurse had to put him to sleep," he explained before I could ask about Tristan. "He's acting like a five years old boy, so we gotta do what we gotta do." He sounded a little remorseful, it doesn't fit him.

It still beyond me his changes. Ever since he met Enna, he changed drastically.

"He lost a lot of blood, but he's okay now. He's too wild and cranky, he doesn't want to get treated, so I asked the nurse if they have something to calm his dick down," he grumbled.

A low chuckle escaped my lips, my chest rumbled briefly. I don't know what so funny, but I find it hilarious. Imagine Tristan's eyes bulging when they brought out a large syringe?

Shaking the thoughts off, I spoke. "Why wouldn't he settle down?" I asked.

"He wants to come and see Angel right away, and he's bleeding to death. He's as stubborn as a bull," he snorted. "He ignored the bullet stuck in his shoulder. I had to bark at the securities to drag him to the van, and we drove him to the nearest hospital." Leone explained. "The doctor said the bullet was lodged between two nerves and the main artery. The surgery was successful, thanks to the physician who was a friend of him. There was no further Artery reconstruction necessary."

I could hear the exhaustion in his gruff voice and thought that Enna might need him.

"I'm coming," I said.

"Don't!" Panic shot through me after hearing the frantic in his gruff tone.

"And why is that?" I asked, unconsciously scowling darkly outside the car's window.

"Don't leave Angel, Sai!" he barked.

"I'm on my way. Logan is there and a few of my men. She's safe there than bringing her with me," I growled.

"The President is after you, Sai. He wants something from you. Martino works with him. He had to do his bidding since the President is protecting his illegal business," Leone grumbled with growing frustrations.

I know that the President is not to be trusted, but he's not at the estate. And Logan with a few of my men was there to protect her, and I won't be long. 

"But you've gone too long. Enna would be worried by now," I said as I dropped my back against the leather seat. 

Truth be told, there is no place safe for Angel, but I can't bring her with me. I can't bring her with me not knowing what to expect. 

He breathed out a long sigh. "I just talk to Enna. She's fine." The longing in his tone was too obvious.

And then I remembered his dad. I was too caught up, and my brain was always addled when I'm with her. "Where is Carmine?" I asked.

"He's with me," he replied briefly.

I nodded absentmindedly.

"The Police had recovered 10 million dollars worth of cocaine in his room, and illegal guns were hidden in a wine barrel underground," Leone said, forgetting about Angel. "You know what Tristan found?" His tone was hard and full of contempt.

I frowned. "What?" I asked. The thought of Angel was pushed to the side of my head temporarily.

"Eleven girls. Missing girls since 2010, and a few of them his sex slaves. That fucking motherfucker was a human trafficker and a rapist!" His tone raising, full of contempt.

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