Chapter 47: Search Warrant

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Tristan doesn't really need help changing. He knew I wouldn't let Rose touch him so he used that reason so he wouldn't have to drag me to his room, and so Rose wouldn't be suspicious. He wanted to know what are my plans with the President. Since he wasn't there when my friends and I talked about the plan, I didn't hesitate to share what am I thinking to expose the President's dirty secrets.

If Angel wasn't involved in this, I wouldn't trust any man other than my two friends, but Tristan is Angel's cousin, and he cares for her.

Tristan agreed with the plan and offered his help. He worked with several authorities here in Rome, so there is no problem contacting them. Anytime.

When I came back to our room, Angel was already sound asleep. I let out a sigh as I gently perched next to her, then stared at her innocent, serene face. Her pink lips were slightly parted as she breathed soundly.

I was so tempted to kiss her, but I reigned myself. Instead, I gave her forehead a feather kiss, my lips barely brushed her skin, then lay next to her.

As soon as I was settled —lying on my side, facing her— I heard her sighed in her sleep, then shifted to her side and snuggled against me. I gently carried her head and placed it on my shoulder, then gently pull her closer to me. She stirred again and nuzzled her face against my neck, her hand draped around me, her leg resting on mine, then she stilled, her breathings fanning against my neck evened out.

I smiled as I closed my eyes, ignoring her thigh against my tightening crotch. She didn't do anything, but the feel of her thigh against my cock was undeniably hard to ignore. Her scent didn't even help me at all as it filled my nostrils, taunting me, teasing me painfully.

I welcomed any disgusting thoughts just to quell the growing desires roiling within me, like a firestorm starting to engulf me. After probably an hour of exhausting battle, I finally felt all my system succumbing to sleep except my cock is still as hard as the wall.

I woke up the next day with a start. My hand shout out and found the cold mattress. A sigh of disappointment left my lips as I quickly jolted upright and swung my legs out of the bed. My eyes drifted to the wide windows and frowned in frustration. The sun is already high up, promising a hot day.

My eyes frantically roamed inside the humongous room and found no signs of her.

"Angel!" I called out a little frantic, but there was no response.

I can't believe I sleep in.

I quickly had my morning routine and hastily went down to find her. I found her laughing with Tristan in the sunroom as they ate their breakfast.

I frowned as I strode towards them. The sun rays peeking through the ceiling-to-floor Victorian paneled windows brightened the room even more with her presence.

"Good morning," Angel greeted with a warm smile that reached my heart, causing my lips to part and broke into a smile as I approached her. Her hair cascaded loosely in waves around her shoulders. Against the sunlight, it is the color of Auburn. Beautiful.

Tristan grumbled his greetings as I passed him by "Good morning, sleeping beauty", then he continued eating with his good arm.

I scowled at him and he just sneered at me before dropping his gaze back on his almost empty plate.

I gave Angel a quick peck on her lips before dropping myself on the chair next to hers. She gave me a plate and utensils. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to wake you up. You sound so deep in sleep," Angel said as she placed the utensils down next to my plate.

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